Thursday, December 3, 2009

Where Does A Day Go To?????

 I have spent my whole day in a run attempting to accomplish goals. I did get hubby fed to start the day and cleaned up our mess.Then I moved onto the joyous task of working on bills. I always thought when we first started out 40 years ago that by the time we got to our older years that money problems would not be as bad - you know because we would have our home paid for , and the kids raised , ect. But so far - it has got worse as the economy is in a strangle hold . It is a rivalry between food or medicine or food and heat?? I also remember when we used to have so much fun shopping for Christmas - but there will be none of that. That is one reason I have been so down and out about my embroidery machine being gone for 2 months. I had lucked into fabric along the year and with that in my stash I thought I would accomplish my goal. But it is beginning to look like a lost cause because the end of the week is barreling down on us and No Machine yet

 I did manage to work on our bills today and most of them got paid. I also gave all of my furbabies a bath today -which they did not appreciate . LOL Then we went to town to the bank and managed to stop off at the park for our one walk of the month. It was cold because of the cold wind blowing, but it was nice to be able to do it . The river beside the park was really full and moving along robustly -due to all the rain we have had.

 I am getting ready to put on another run of deer jerky - this batch being the flavor of Slim Jims. All the kids and grandkids love this - so at least I will have this for them.
 Many Happy Stitches to one and all!

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  1. Yes we all have bills but look on the bright side you did have a walk in the park.
    Think postive and the machine will come next week.
    Hugz to you