Wednesday, December 16, 2009

O Shoot!

 Have you ever noticed that when you get stressed that things go wrong? Maybe it is bad "karma" ????? But the saying , "the faster I go - the behinder I get!" really describes me today. I found a moment to hit the sewing room and work on gifts. I have already finished all of the ones that I had pre-cut while the machine was away. So now I needed to check and see who that leaves on my list. Guess what, I have spent the entire day LOOKING for my Christmas list book! GRRRRR!!!! I sure wish I could get a new brain. I have looked through every nook and cranny -but NO BOOK! OK! I hear you  - IF I could not find it - then I must not have looked EVERYWHERE! LOL

I did lose my book one time before and it took me a couple of years to find it and by then I had started a new book , so I just kept doing the new one . I like to keep what I call a Christmas Book with a list of what I make for each person - so I won't repeat myself . I always list what I make and the if someone gives me feedback - I write it down too - you know - like best liked colors  or if the piece was the wrong size - what I can do to make it better?

When you make gifts for those that you love - the act of creating it also pours into it with each stitch or each thought. For me -while I am working on the project I am always sending the recipient thoughts of love and good wishes. So for me to lose my book this close to Christmas is another nightmare. I sure hope you guys are having better luck than I am. NO wonder I have worked all year on presents and still am not happy with my success - mostly due to my embroider machine going to the doctor for 2 months - I could have surely got most every thing completed and be able to sit back and enjoy .Well, foo!!!!!!! That will be my goal again next year. I will rest for a bit and January and then start the process all over again. ( I hope I get a new brain-chip for Christmas. LOL

I would have had a picture of a pair of lounge pants I was working on for an 11 year old grandson , but I sewed it together wrong AGAIN! I so carefully ripped it out and sewed the back and front piece together - INSTEAD of two fronts and two backs. Then I so carefully sewed it back together - this time putting a safety pin in each of the two fronts SO I would know not to do that again. It was looking good UNTIL I turned the entire project right side out to study it and YES ! Low and Behold - I had sewed the pockets in wrong!!!!!!
I was so twitterpated with myself ! Why in the world do I keep on trying and keep making -  so many boo-boos . I am beginning to think I make more successful BOO-BOOs than I do correctly finished projects.


  1. I think it sounds like you need to have a break from all the sewing!
    Making silly mistakes shows how tired you are.

  2. Sorry about the lounge pants going wrong, but I think that Chris may have been right, and you were just tired,.