Friday, December 11, 2009

Ashley and her koala bears

I have a feisty little granddaughter who loves koala   bears , yet she has never seen a real one and yet they have stolen her heart strings.It has been kind of a challenge for me to find a design , but I got lucky with this one and I think it has turned out nice. AAAAA - one step at a time. ~smile~

Humm, didn't show up too great , but this was where I started to wonder about which way I was going to hem the sleeves and of course the lettuce edge won out - especially since I now like the way it looks when you make two passes over it.

Well , at least you can see what a difference the second pass makes. I really like it .

Well, here is the finished project. It was hard to get a picture -the wind is really whipping here . I wish there was a guarantee that you had done right by a teenager????

I moved it out of the wind, hoping to get a better picture, but I still did not do a good job. O well, I will keep my fingers crossed....


  1. Great job of the t-Shirt. I am sure your grand daughter will love the KOALA.

  2. I love to do machine embroidery too, and you did a lovely job on it!

  3. Best NOT tell your granddaughter that Koala Bears really STINK then eh? LOL But they do! They reek of urine... so ikkkkky.