Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Last minute projects

I decided that I needed a few last minute gifts, so I cut out the squares for another potholder and the towel inserts that protect you from being burnt. You can see my kitties are facing each other with right sides together.

Here they are with the right sides facing each other -now sewed together -just leaving a hole that I can insert my towel pieces inside.

I still have some remnants of a towel and a doggie fabric and this hits me as perfect for my dog warden friend. She really loves animals and she works hard at her job-it is one where you do not receive much praise . Matter of fact when I first met her YEARS ago I was the one calling for help. A family who had lived on the lake had moved off and left their big dogs. Now you and I both know that animals are just like us -we need to eat regularly and when throwed out and expected to just magically feed yourself - it might cause a problem for someone else! By the time the dogs had arrived at our house they spotted my oldest pet goat and attacked. I was baby-sitting my first granddaughter and I thought I hear a scream,. so I went to investigate. These starving dogs had chased my goat down a bluff and when she fell upside down -they pounced up on her and started tearing at her belly and insides. I was so scared and upset because my first thing I tried was to take a stick and beat them off of Ellie May -but by now they had the taste of blood and they turned on me. I was lucky I had left my granddaughter on the other side of the fence and when I escaped from them I picked her up and went flying to the house to call the animal control people. I was shaking and crying and covered in blood and they said they would send somebody. It seemed like a lifetime - but when she showed up I could see her angel wings. DH arrived at the same time and between all of us we rounded them all up and she took them away. From then on I knew she was my angel and she has been gracious enough to put up with me through the years.That day - I lost one dear friend and gained another-we just never know where the next turn in our life experience will lead us to?


  1. What a frightening experience! Please do have a Merry Christmas!

  2. I hope you have a blessed peaceful merry Christmas.