Saturday, December 12, 2009

O NO! Another Blooper!

 I found another shirt that I had cut out while my embroidery machine was gone and I lost my mind along with the machine. I went through my patterns attempting to decide which pattern I had used and what size was it??? Gee whilligars!!!!!!!!!! It was a large size , but when I pulled out my 3 x and my 4 x - this did not fit either of those patterns. It is smaller  so it is more like a XL from a man's pattern - BUT - the man that comes to mind - this design will not be suited for him. Whoa is me??? Plus , it is really long - wish my brain was. What in the world was I thinking????????????????

O shoot - it doesn't fit any of the people I know I want to make gifts for - so why not remake it for me - I really need shirts. I will cut the sleeves off and take 4 inches off the shoulders again .

Well, shoot- now I have an unplanned shirt - maybe my brain thought I needed a Christmas present from me??? And I got to use my lettuce edging on the sleeves and the bottom hem . What a way to get a present. LOL

1 comment:

  1. I bet in a few weeks you will remember just WHO that shirt was supposed to be for! lol