Thursday, December 17, 2009

A new all time high for Christmas Blunders?

Christmas deadlines are getting closer every minute . I have lost my list of what I have already completed and wrapped - so I am kind of lost. I remember that I need a shirt for my oldest son . I have already picked out the design I want and I take forever trying to decide which size to make for him. From the last two years I know the xl are too big for both of my sons -so I lay out the large pattern and the medium pattern - trying to decide which way to go Because their measurements do not add up to what the envelop says??

I also need a shirt for a very dear friend who loves to bowl. I have just enough of the green-blue fabric to make him one so I am planning to get two done at the same time. While I am figuring out the black shirt - I cut out the green one and put the front on the embroidery machine to get a head start. I like the design - I think he will get a kick out of it. I think he will turn 87 this year?

O NO, NO, NO! How in the world can one person make so many mistakes? Today has just not been my day for success stories? Although I had checked the fabric BEFORE I started to embroider - I did not check good enough and I ended up embroidering the front to the back around my embroidery hoop.

I end up having to cut the arm off in order to free my hoop?  I cannot figure out what is wrong with me? I am tired , stressed or maybe it could be the fibromyalgia brain fog????  I can not figure it out - I just know something is wrong. All of my good intentions are going bust. I tried to figure out how to save the project? I do not have any left over fabric that I could cut another front piece from?? I am considering cutting another front from a different color ?? I think I will sleep on it .

I might add that I just checked the weather report and all of a sudden they are predicting a foot of heavy snow -starting tomorrow around noon and going through Sat. -the day we were suppose to go to W.VA. . Maybe I am not the only one making mistakes????? I would be glad to see the weatherman be wrong this time.

Here is another boo-boo. I was working on a pair of lounge pants for one of my grandsons , and I sewed the wrong pieces together again???I hope all my friends are having better luck than I am having. Maybe I just need some sleep and tomorrow will be a new day.
Sweet dreams .

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  1. Oh Linda I hope you have had a good sleep. I think you are trying to do too much,just slow down and things will go better. Yes just make a different colour for the front. Good Luck.

    Hope the weatherman is wrong for you too!