Tuesday, December 22, 2009

There just is not enough minutes in these last few days

I thought of one last few gifts - surely everyone could always use a new potholder???? So, I cut some out from the remnants of left over pieces.

This is my quilters 8 inch square that  makes perfect size potholders and I like to use it to cut out the inside protection - which is a old towel . Does look like much - but I like the feel of them in the potholders.

This is another little trick that I have enjoyed learning about. I cut out the little rectangles that are 2 inches long and half an inch wide. Sew them into a tube and then use a "tube turner"  which works like a charm to turn the little boogers inside out and I use them as the little loops for some of the potholders. Some I left them off -just in case they turn into a hot pad to set hot food on????
This shows my kitty fabric -right sides facing each other to be sewn around 31/2 sides and the towel pieces I will sew an X through them to keep them from sliding around when I insert them into the kitty fabric after is is sewn together. Then stitch up the hole I left and we have a pot holder. You put as many of the towel pieces in as you would like , so as not to burn your little fingers - my fingers do not like Pain! ~smile~

See, here is the kitty sewed together -right sides facing each other - all ready for the towel inserts. Even on such a small project - I always have trouble with the pieces wanted to slide on me?? I just don't know how in the world all your quilters do it??????? 

Well shoot - the rest of my pictures just will not load for some reason and it is way past my bed time- if I am to get up in the am and make some more presents and deliver some? There just are not enough minutes in a day.

Then today we went to West Virginia to have Christmas with DH "s sister and hubby. We had such a good time. They had snow up to your thighs and it took us a little bit to get in their driveway and then into their house. She had fixed the most wonderful meal and I was famished - so it was double wonderful. She had green beans and onions, some of the best turnip greens, creamed corn , stuffing , corn muffins, scalloped potatoes, gravy and even ham. I told her that I wish we could eat like that everyday and she laughed and said we would end up bigger than our houses! lol!  It might be worth it. ???LOL

I hope everyone is enjoying the count down to Christmas. Happy holidays to one and all! Lots of love and best wishes from the silver -red headed granny!

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  1. What a good use for old towels!
    Much love.