Monday, December 14, 2009

Daughter-in-law # 2

 When you are pondering a gift for someone you love, you try to come up with something that they love. My lovely daughter-in-law loves green. So, I went looking for a green fabric that would tickle my fancy and for some reason this piece just called out to me. This color green is a nice "earthy " color , it will not show dirt very easily , it definitely does not wrinkle and it has a soft , soft feel on the wrong side of the fabric that I think will feel good against her skin.
 I had a terrible time attempting to pick out a design??? I spent hours researching and pondering and hoping for the perfect design that would Mean something to her?

O Dear - when my "evil twin" cut this pattern out during my machines absence - I don't have any clue what it  was thinking? So, right off the bat I realize that she would not like it too long - everything she wears is shorter - so I pull out the scissors and hold my breath -contemplating??? Finally I just hear that small little voice that we all like to ignore because it pushes us when we don't want to be pushed, but am running out of time. Grabbing the scissors I first whack off the bottom  and then pause to see if "my world had ended"??  NnnOOOOO - I am still alive , the world is still spinning so that must have been a good move.

This is the design I finally gave into, but instead of pinks I go with her greens. The research that I meandered though tells me that the color greens signifies Life - lots of green in Mother Nature so: lots of growth, renewal, health and environment. On the flip side green is jealousy - the green eyed monster and also inexperience.

Green is a restful color with some of the same calming traits of blue. Like blue, time moves faster in a green room. Green is the national color of Ireland  Because of the green in nature the color is related to Spring, but coupled with red it matches Christmas.

 Green has  both a warming and a cooling effect. The color shows a balance , shows it to bring balance and harmony and stability.    Green with blue echoes of nature -water and forest can stand for new beginnings and growth.

I had to fight with myself about the hems on the sleeved and the bottom of the shirt. I finally gave in and did the "lettuce edging"  Sometimes I just do not know what I am doing , so I hope I am being "guided" with a higher good???

Balance and a sense of order are found in the color green. Change and transformation is necessary for growth,so this ability to sustain changes is also a part of the energy of green. Since Meagan just married my youngest son this Fall- I would see this as a lot of change and transformation.

Wear green when you want to overcome a sense of thwarted ambition. Green says growth-balance and harmony. It is a color of healthy relationships. Green is the color associated with the Heart Chakra - it deals with a higher consciousness and love. 

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