Monday, December 21, 2009

More on the boweling shirt

You might remember when I cut out the green bowling shirt and then embroidered the shirt to the hoop? Well, I am still trying to regain my sanity to salvage it - so oooooo - I decided I would cut a red front-yea, right? I got it cut out -only to discover that I now had two backs -two different colors??????????? If ONLY I knew what happened to my brain?

My next solution is to sew the remaining red and green together so that I have a piece large enough to cut out one Front piece for the shirt??????????///

Well, I'll bee??????? I actually got the two pieces sewed together and that front embroidered. YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Surely it was one of your prayers that saved me.

Finally , I think the project will be saved and I want it to be nice - so I practice a blind hem on the sleeves and the bottom of the shirt. I even managed to pull it off and it looks nice.Yea!

I have even wore my kitty cat out! Here she is dozing , she is hoping I will finally leave the sewing room -so she can get her beauty sleep.


This is a close up of the embroidery design with the bowling ball and the pin.

Yea ! I finally have a finished shirt. So I cleaned up my mess and put my fabric away so it won't get kitty hair stuck to it and that is when I discover I had another piece of the green - just big enough that I could have cut another front from it! !!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. The shirt looks very nice. Maybe you could make another one out of the remaining front piece. LOL

  2. I love the two tones! I'm glad you didn't find the other bit of green in time!