Thursday, December 10, 2009

Count Down to Christmas????

I know you cannot tell this from the picture , but this was another camo shirt I had cut out and now I am trying to figure out which pattern that I used??????

While I am figuring out which pattern I used I finely realized that I had planned this one to be for my "daughter-in-law#2" Since I had made my son the camo shirt last night - I thought they might like to both have one the same color . To make them different his will be the deer on it and for her it is suppose to be a graceful fairy . To me a fairy is the things that magic and dreams can hook to and my daughter-in-law has the same quiet features, she is quiet and sweet and graceful  and full of beauty and I am glad she is a part of our family.

While my machine is embroidering I sneak in a little "present wrapping". This one will be for my youngest son.

This will be my son's desert storm camo shirt to match his young wife's with the fairy on it.

O SHOOT ! When I got ready to wrap my son and my husband's shirts I thought they looked too much alike in the size department ! Even though I had used two different size patterns???? So, I laid them down and compared them ! For some reason the fabric is very stretchy and they both end up being the same size! My son has very broad shoulders and DH has very narrow shoulders - so I have a problem? I stand there and ponder till my legs get tired and them I tell myself - JUST DO SOMETHING!  So I whack the sleeves off of the body to force me to take 5 inches off of the shoulders and change the angle and then re- attache the sleeves? How do I get myself in these fixs????

Back to my daughter-in-law's shirt - I have sewn the shoulders and as I attach the sleeves - I cannot make up my mind whether to do it like the pattern says OR do it like I want to . SO, I go for what I want to do??? It is an experiment -so - I start out by serging the sleeve hem so it will look more "finished" and since my thread matches the thread in the design I fall to "curosity" and decide I will use a second coating of thread to "Lettuce" the hem . Chewing my finger-nails till it is finished and I decide I really like it with that second layer?

O shoot - another decision? I have finished the shoulders, sides and sleeves? Now I study that neck ????? The pattern says to just turn it under and sew it down- But- I really hate that look because it just looks so unfinished????? Then I get this wild idea to serge around the neck first and see where that leads me???

Well, as you can see - I got myself in trouble very easily! As I was sewing around that neck line I ended up getting stuck due to some "thread nests"!!!! This is the pits, this fabric is just so stretchy that it wants to stretch as you attempt to sew across it !

Well, ok! It is finished -felt like pulling teeth !

Well, shoot - you cannot tell that I used the serger to make the lettuce edge on the hem at the bottom. It looks neat up close because with all the green (which is her favorite color) it kinda ties it all together.

This is the embroidery design up close . I try to take pictures to remember them by because I do not want to make them all copies the next year at Christmas?
Well, by the time I wrapped and created and jumped to post - my day has flown by again! Another day older - boy do they go fast and now that it is getting closer to Christmas - it feels like rolling off a hill!
May you all have great joy and many happy stitches.


  1. That's amazing that you can just chop and change it until it fits. I'd end up starting again 'cos I'd wreck it.

  2. Well done!!!! The shirts all look great. That's a good idea to do the wrigley hem on yur DIL's