Tuesday, December 29, 2009

working on 2010 Christmas and it is not even 2010 yet

I certainly make more than my share of mistakes - SO - I need a early start. I had decided that some book markers might be neat for some of the readers in my family. I investigated projects called "in the hoop" -but have not found any designs that I thought were "cute enough to knock your socks off" !

Here is "inspector Mocha" . This time she is working on the computer -watching how the design will sew out and that way when I see what is about to be sewn - I can change my mind and change to the color that will suit me better. It always pays to have good help. ~smile~

I had decided that IF I could not find a design for "in the hoop" then maybe I could make a bookmark by sewing a small design that I liked on a piece of fabric and then cover the back to hide the stitches and run a satin stitch all around the project?All went ok when I worked on the "wise owl" for a while!

I had almost completed it , arrived at the very last color to run and I ran out of bobbin thread. Shouldn't have been a big deal! I got my bobbin and filled it -all ready to finish this design! Must have been a "pipe dream" because as soon as I started on the magic wand you can see the White stitches - which would be my bobbin thread showing and that is not suppose to happen. First I pulled off some of the bobbin thread to see if that would help. IT DID NOT!  Next I took the top thread off the machine and put it back and re-threaded the machine to see if that would fix my dilemma! IT DID NOT! I was getting perturbed - the goal was so close .I went over everything else at this point and the phone ran. This was not good because as I reached for the phone I hit the button and closed my machine and the design was gone...... I thought surely that if I just reopened it to the design it could pull up the same space - IT DID NOT!  I tried 15 times to adjust my layout and finally I just gave up - defeated. Fate might have won A battle - but it has not defeated the war!   

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  1. Isn't machine embroidery fun? I just love it! Happy New year to you!