Saturday, December 19, 2009

It may be "beginning to look a lot like Christmas" in Virginia , but I sure do wish it could have waited one week???? With 24 inches it is hard just moving around outdoors, much less delivering presents. I had hoped to deliver my sister-in-law and brother -in-law's presents today and she had cooked a wonderful dinner?Which I cannot partake of Now , thanks to the white stuff.

This is my apple tree -the first thing you see at my front door.DH and I have fussed about this tree from the beginning. I planted it right at our front door BECAUSE something happened to EVERY other tree I ever planted. So , I put this one here so I could keep an eye on it and if ANYBODY ran over it - they would have to run into the house too!!!!
Plus, this tree is multi-talented - It is a crab apple tree and half of it gets covered in crab apples that I love to make jelly out of . It amazes me how you take these scrawny little dirty looking apples and it turns into brilliant red jelly- yummy! But along the way the other HALF of the tree has regular apples on it - which I love. I even have a couple of bags in the freezer that I intend to make DH some fried apple pies with . I have been waiting for his mouth to heal from where he had to have all of his teeth pulled and it has been so miserable for him.

You can barely make out the tracks where DH tried to take his little 4-wheeler ATV in the snow to make a path?? Needless to say he got buried in the white stuff? LOL

Seems like this white stuff is everywhere I look????

This is looking down my front steps? I sure don't want to go out there . It is so pretty just to look at , but I hate for anybody to be out in it. I even heard that one of my sons was out in it -pushing snow for his work. Then I heard that he doesn't even get to come home tonight - he will push snow all night long. I hope he stays safe - he really works too hard, but he loves his family that much.

Well, with all that white stuff around I would rather play in my sewing room. Still working on Christmas presents and you would think I would be able to pull off ONE project with out a disaster- I guess it was just not meant to be. For some reason each one of my projects is like "Pulling Hens Teeth". I started out cutting out the green fabric and that was the one from last night that I had embroidered to my hoop. So today I thought I would just take the red piece of fabric and cut out a front of it ????? Yea, that was what I intended.

Sorry, I got disgusted with ME - so I peeked out the front door to check on the snow and you can barely see my DH on his little ATV just before he got stuck. Maybe I should high tail it back to my sewing room. LOL

Well, the red didn't co-operate with me either because I ended up having two BACKS. I really wanted to stick my head in the snow and just as I was about ready to give up and call it defeated , I got the bright idea to sew the red and the green piece of fabric together and I would have a piece large enough to cut out ONE more front piece??????????

Hello - I am actually making some progress now. My friend that I am making this for is a wonderful bowler - wonder if that is a correct word- doesn't sound quiet right ??? He is on the senior team and I think it is so good for him - he not only gets really good exercise - but he gets to have some fun too.

Well, it is wayyyyy past my bed time and my eyes are trying to fall asleep as I type. I will wish you all a good night and see how much trouble I can get into tomorrow. LOL 


  1. What a shame you could not go out to deliver your presents. Also you missed out on a lovely meal.Maybe today will be nicer.
    I know it must be hard when it snows but it does look beautiful.
    I love your two tone t-shirt. See even after all the trouble it all worked out okay.

  2. Your snow looks GORGEOUS! Like a fairy wonderland.
    Crab apple jelly! YUM! My address is: lol!
    And I love how the red and green go together, very festive! What a 'happy accident'.