Saturday, December 5, 2009

Yipeeee! Yahoo! My machine is finally home after 2 months! Whoopeeeeee

 I just cannot believe that after 2 Months of being gone and me turning into a neurotic wimp she is finally home!I have never had a machine that needed to go to the "machine doctor" before in my life - so this was definitely a learning lesson -one I would have preferred not to have. I do believe I can understand a little more about what it is like to be "addicted" to something! The day after I had left her - it was awful . Everytime I passed the door to the sewing room I grieved and I saw the seconds stealing away from me as Christmas just came closer and closer and I was now losing ground from all the presents I had worked so hard on all year long. I had dreamed I would have all the gifts completed in December so that IF any new ideas popped into my head right before Christmas I would have the option of taking my time and enjoying them.
 A friend even told me that I had become -OBSESSED- with the need to have my machine back.So she gave me a good tip - to think of it as a chance to do something different  from what I had been doing. It was terrible , but I did pull off those gloves for my DH and the dog pillow and cases for my oldest son.
 Then on a wonderful sewing group when I whined a member gave me another tip : she said that she had taken a machine to the shop for a friend of hers and they told her two weeks. When the two weeks came and went she said Anything can go wrong  - so call and give them another week. After that go pick up your machine and even though they give you every story that is sad and will make you feel guilty -hoping you will feel too bad to call back.(worked on me) . When you go to pick it up and they say leave it another week- tell them that you are sorry that they have personal problems , but that you hired them to do a job for you and from not come through previously that you will take it to someone who will. (She said her friend did that and in a week her machine was fixed and returned back to her! I loved the way her friend was so calm and without all the drama -because I do not like confrontations.
 Now with plan in head I had decided to give them until Tuesday - and when we went out today - I received a call on my cell phone to come pick the machine UP!!!!!!!!!!! Whoopeeee!!!!!!!!!! We made the 8 hour round trip and have just got home and it is dark so I need to finish chores and  hop in bed to get some rest!

 We did get snow here today - but 4 hours away where my machine had vacationed at - it was in the high 40's and they had Roses blooming all over their town! They were beautiful! I told DH that I thought we were living on the wrong side of the hill because back over here -we had 4 inches of snow!
 I thought this was so cute - where he embroidered Fixed !  Now that it is fixed - I am fixed too!
 Many happy stitches come your way like the snow flakes that are falling down from heaven at our house.

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  1. Oh I am so glad to have found your blog. I totally understand your feelings. I am glad you have your machine back. Now you can sew, sew, sew!!!!