Sunday, December 6, 2009


I hopped on my machine -right after I did my chores this morning . I already had my designs saved on my desktop , so they were not hard to find. I made it through the first color without any problem- BUT- the second color it started breaking threads like crazy. Finally I just sat back and pouted a while! The wheels started turning and I pulled that color and picked out a different color ??? Meanwhile I tugged on that cone of thread and it snapped as easy as pie. The next one did too and I tugged on it and it broke. Then I went through some colors and tested until I found one that I could not break and I put that in and it started acting like it had some "sense" - OPPPs - it broke the needle???? So, I was lucky - I had picked up a pack of embroidery needles at the shop and I compared them to mine. Mine were 75/11 embroidery and theirs are 90/14?? I put one in and have not had a breakage all afternoon. ?????So far I have two projects embroidered????
 I was not the smartest light bulb this time either - USUALLY - all the other times when I pre-cut things out - I label who the gift is for ??? Well, this time I did not because this was way back at the 3 week mark -when It was suppose to be coming home and I just knew I would remember what was for who???????????????????
 Well , here it is 9 weeks later and I know that I made a big -Big -BIG - mistake! LOl I am trying to find what size -which one is  and I have a mess!


  1. Oh I would love to do embroidery like that. I have a Brother but so far I can only do 1 letter. I have a lot to learn.

  2. Your machine is BACK! YAAAAAA HOOOOOO!!!!!