Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Snow

Hubby and I both have been busy this morning. I went out and did chores while he cut two truck loads of firewood. I helped him unload one load and then I came in and worked inside. Since they are calling for us to lose our electricity I have washed all of our beds and also my furpuppies beds . I have fixed a couple of jugs of water so DH will have this for his coffee. I took my shower , since it might be the last one for a while. I have a 5 gallon bucket in the bathroom that I intend to store water in to flush the commode.


I am trying to figure out some kind of food will be able to keep without refrigeration


Hard to believe that I used to love to look forward to losing our electricity . But that was when we had the woodstove in the house and we not only had our heat -we also cooked on the stove. But now- we have an outside wood stove and when the electricity goes - so does our heat.

Good thing I was able to pull off one more gift BEFORE that white stuff hit. This is a size 3x tee shirt with a butterfly embroidered on it. Hard to believe that I actually got a project right - maybe my luck is changing???

I wanted to let everyone know that If I do disappear - it will be because we do lose our electricity .


  1. OOOOO it looks so cold... but pretty... but so cold. I would NOT like to lose my electricity... no computer! No microwave! No NOTHING... we rely on it too much eh?

  2. Oh I hope you do not loss your power. It is not nice as I am like you and need to have a bucket for the loo. Our block is completely on power for water,cooking and flushing the loo everthing.
    Look on the bright side though no power bill!!Lucky you have quilts to keep you warm.