Sunday, December 27, 2009

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid -daughter-in-law

This was one of the last few gifts I had tackled. I purchased this nice thin knit fabric when the Hancocks went belly-up a couple of years past. I did love that Hancocks Fabrics so much . They had all kinds of lovely fabrics and their help -well, they really were :HELPFUL!  They always made you feel welcome -not like some places that make you feel like an intruder -when you ask them to cut fabric.

I loved this fabric when I saw it because I Love tye-dye and I knew my daughter-in-law would too. I don't know why they like to put the strips horizonal -which would make my hips look like a barn , but my daughter-in-law is more slender and with her dark hair , I knew it would look lovely on her.

Then I went on my search for a design to fit her personality. I ran across this little dragon and loved his colors and thought that would be perfect to  match the baby pink dragon.

Now, I needed something to tie it to her personality . She is a free spirit with a sweet personality and she has 5 children and will become a Grandmother this coming year - so I thought she needed something to laugh. I kept thinking baby dragon ??? who would be scared of a baby dragon and then it hit me -nobody- that was when it hit me - Be AFRAID - BE VERY AFRAID and she loved it. I feel like a Roman candle when I pull off a project and someone enjoys it.To see them smile is the biggest high for me. Plus, with those colors I believe that it will not show dirt so easily - or BABY BARF either.   LOL