Monday, December 28, 2009

A Christmas Cutie

You might remember that these were the shirts I made for my youngest son because he has always loved anything camo colored. My older son got tired of camo -guess he just outgrew it? But our oldest son still liked so come go hunting with his Dad while the younger son has a wee bit of his Mom in him and doesn't really thrill to the hunt - he enjoys spending time with his young wife .

So, on Christmas Day after the older son had received that black shirt of his with the General Lee on it - I gave the younger one the camo shirts , which he really seemed to enjoy . Older son had moved around to get a peek and when he saw the deer  on the younger ones shirt - he said - WELL!  How many DEER did you ever kill - to which the younger son replied - PLENTY - I have killed Plenty on my GAMEBOY!!!!!!!!! LOL

I am already pondering my next project. I fixed our new calandars for the coming year and checked to see what birthdays are coming up. I got lucky because I don't see any birthdays in Janurary -only two doctor visits  to remember.

I have been studying about making some book markers because one of my daughter-in-laws is an avid reader and I think she would enjoy some cute markers. ???? But I am having trouble figuring out something cute -and not dumb??????

  Well, since I am about to fall out of my chair with the sand man hitting my eyes  - I better crawl off to sleep and hope that maybe I will dream something up?????

Peace to one and all.

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  1. I am pleased your boys like their new shirts.