Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Another day - another project.

Life in the wilds of my "sewing parlor" can take many twists and turns. The first thing I discovered this morning was that I had cut another shirt TOO Big - so I found the right size patter and whacked her down to the appropriate size- the plus with this fabric is that it has so much "Give" to it that I can almost stretch it from the USA all the way to New Zealand! (almost?) LOL 

AWWWH! Some progress - have it embroidered for my DH and am setting the stitches . That always makes them start to look like "something".

This is one of my least favorite parts of any project - I really do not enjoy "pinning the hem in. I try to be so careful and always end up really tired from making a hundred trips around the ironing board and measuring.

I finally have "something" to show for my effort . I enjoyed working with this piece of fabric , I liked the color and the softness of the fabric. Because of the 'stretch" I was able to change sizes and took my MEDIUM size DH to a size SMALL and my Large Size Son to a Medium. This is one reason I say sewing is like putting puzzles together and since puzzles are good for our brains - I figure Sewing is too.

Here I am playing with my pins - AGAIN- as I work on a hem for DH's shirt   , just like DS's only one size smaller .

Now I jump over to the next set of camo tee shirts for DH and DS. I had marked where to put the design  - AND - put it on the wrong side - so now I can pretend that I "intentionally" put this design on the BACK side because you see a lot of shirts in the stores that way!!! ~smile~ And - MORE PINS!

This is Miss Mocha - my under side "Inspector" . Since I love to mess up on the back side of my projects - Mocha is the prefect inspector that I hired to fix that little problem.LOL

This is the Front of DS's shirt and this is the one that has the design on the front. I was a little "miffed" at this project and I can kinda plea a little "insanity"  - BECAUSE- I was moving along nicely , making progress and my "Mojo" seemed to be working pretty good! I could see finishing up 4 projects - when all of a sudden - OUR Electricity went off! I know I must have looked like a "toad" with my eyes bugged out and my face turned green!  And just as I caught my breath - it popped back on! I wondered how life could play such jokes on you - when it popped back off! Gone was my electricity . I probably had some steam coming out of my ears because these projects are just having a real hard time getting accomplished. DH and I had an appoint so I left the house telling it to get its act together! That's when I discovered the WIND! I don't think I have ever seen such winds! Trees and branches all over the roads. The temperature was 60 and all of our snow had melted at one time and water was everywhere . We even came to a crawl at one point because the water was covering the highway! That was kinda scary for me. I saw two big pine trees that the wind had just toppled over - tree and root ball and all, one was in a yard and one was against a house .

Well, we finally made it back home and had electricity so I flew into the sewing room and pounced on the last shirt project while I still had electricity! This is DH 's shirt and I even put the design on the Front! Yea!!!!!!!!He is a very Avid deer hunter , always has been - some things you just cannot change - kinda goes along with death and taxes!

Wish I could stay up and wrap them , but I will try to tackle that tomorrow.
happy stitches to all.

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  1. Well Linda finally a job well done after all your dramas.I am sure the men will love their TShirts.

    Sounds like you had some very wild,windy weather.It would be scray to drive in that.