Monday, November 30, 2009

Stuck in Limbo

 Well, I guess we all have "off days" - sooner or later. It is deer season here in Va. and my DH is an avid deer hunter. As much as I hate deer season - I hate waste too . So , I have been up to my eyeballs in venison -making homemade Jerky for all the grand-kids for Christmas. That is one thing that they all love - so I spend my time trying new recipes and letting them sample each one.
 Last year I found a recipe to make "Slim - Jims"  and every one was so thrilled. I processed one whole deer that my son killed into the Slim Jim's and have a really good size box full. (Sewing related -because I used the box that my embroidery machine came in " LOL )
 Son told me that the whole entire box was consumed by the first of February  - so you can really see how much they enjoy it. I have two dehydrators runnning right now with a sweet taste and in them morning I will take these out and bag them and put on another run of hot and spicy.

 I happened to run across another Sewing Link - I should say quilting link because it is so full of patterns, turts. and inspiration.

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