Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Pincushion Tuesday

The little stray that had no home has certainly seemed to make herself at home. At least I do not have to Look Outdoors at that pityful little face looking in the door begging for food now. She knows her way in and out the doggie door just like she always lived here. Now, if only those 3 could please quit spiting and snarling at each other?????

Today was my pincushion day so I did all my chores first thing this morning and then headed off to the acupuncturist. It seemed to hurt a lot more today for some reason. Maybe because I am tender from all this pain lately. I was expecting her to be in a cheerful mood after a short vacation but they had had two deaths in the family and said it seemed everybody was dealing with something hard.

I got home and changed clothes quickly and headed out to the storage trailer and went to work on that tarp that had Blowed off for the third time. I had to climb up on the back ok it to raise the tarp up over the little chimney and then pull it down with me as I came down the ladder-then re-attach the tires and cinder blocks to the grommets where some of them had pulled loose. I got the door closed again on the trailer and came around the house to the front and pulled and tugged and re-attached everything there where the grommets had pulled loose . The wind was getting up again and giving me a fit but it is suppose to be much colder tomorrow and I needed it done.

Low and behold it was getting dark on me and when I stepped into the house the rain started pouring down???? Talk about Timing!!!!!!!!  I was very grateful to get that job done one more time. Spring is getting closer - I think it is just 3 weeks away now........

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  1. I get tired just hearing about the chores you do! So you do well~ Hugs~ C