Friday, March 11, 2016

Friday Aquarium Dar

It was another Heavenly beautiful day here in Va. and that thrilled me to death. It was 60 degrees (around 15C.) when I went out to do my chores and it was a thrilling experience to not have to wear two pair of gloves and 3 layers of clothes. How I LOVED it.

I did not get to work on my sewing because I got side tracked on my aquariums. They were in bad need of cleaning and my favorite one still needs attention. It has brown algae and I did a major water change and scraped the glass where I could reach but it needs a new placo to do the janitorial work for me. But, that takes Money so we will just have to see????

My vacuum cleaner thingie for the aquariums would not work so I was forced to hunt down a regular water hose outdoors and just siphon the water level down  about a fourth and clean what I could. I need a new cleaner now -but that takes Money too. ?????? Why is it everything that is fun or good for you takes so much MONEY.Darn it. But, that is just life.

But the process took most of the evening and then cleaning up all of my watery mess took a while too. I also ended up having to clean out the front closet because when I picked up the last of the bag of bird seeds it fell out in the floor and I discovered mice had found it and made themselves at home and made a Big Mess in there??????

Of course the cats got into a couple of fights and had to have some refereeing. I ended up having to lock Callie back up in the bedroom so the other two could have a little bit of free space???

My sweet little Bandit just tried to put up with the whole mess. But , I knew he really wishes that those other two cats had not ended up at our house????

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  1. Aquariums are a huge job to keep clean! What kind of fish do you keep? Hugs~ C