Thursday, March 10, 2016

Sewing Guild Night

It was another perfectly beautiful day sent from Heaven for me and Rosie to love. She loves to fly out on the little stoop and roll all over the concrete form just telling me how much she loves it and I DO TOO! Me and my kitty are in complete agreement. IF only it did not ever have to change .

I got some chores in the house completed. Since I am not freezing I am able to move around and accomplish things. Glorious day.

Would you believe it took me an hour to iron a Big piece of the knit fabric that I had washed yesterday. I had left it too long in the wash machine and the wrinkles really made my life miserable. I had to quit and get ready for the Sewing Guild meeting.

My friend, Lynne picked me up and off we went - And - we would have made it on time - BUT- there was another wreck on interstate and we got stuck in traffic for 45 minutes and of course were late. But we did not miss the main program -which was a group of ladies who do rug hooking??

They were an Amazing group of ladies who meet at their church and rug hook . Their projects were major works of art in my eyes..I wish I had my good eyes back so I really could have enjoyed it -and maybe even have dreamed of my own project????

1 comment:

  1. Rosie looks so happy!
    It is so encouraging to meet with like minded artists!
    Hugs~ C