Monday, March 14, 2016

Down and Up Monday

I know life has its ups and downs and I am trying to remember that the next day can look different.

I went to my ruined shirt project and decided I would try one little last trick. I had enough material left I could cut out One Half of a front part of the shirt -so I did , then lined up the two pieces to sew them together - Only to discover I had cut that one on the wrong side????????????  So I balled it all up and wanted to have a good "pity-party".

By then it was late afternoon and a wild thunderstorm came roaring in with lots of thunder and lightening , so I crawled up in my chair and covered up and found a program on the laptop and buried my head in it to ignore the lightening. Hard to ignore the thunder as it rocked the house-but finally it passed.

I happened to realize that in my search for the missing flashdrive I had run across the pieces of fleece that had got misplaced so I pulled them out and finished my very last fleece cap. I was almost happy with the results. I think it is cute -but this depression is pulling me into a pit at the moment. I had tried to call the police , like a friend had told me to do to ask about the broken fence but they had me leave a message and did not call me back.

It's just every which way I look there are so many problems staring me in the face and I cannot come up with answers ? I had even ordered a plant about 6 weeks ago and it came today. I was too depressed to even take it out of the box. I have no idea where to plant it as the deer are destroying everything. I checked a little apple tree I had planted last fall and they have chewed it down to the nubbing. The row of kale in the garden -they just lately mowed it down flat??  I am just stumped.


  1. Cute hat !! Ha you have deer eating your plants I have rabbits sew I decided to not plant anything anymore . That way I don't have the worry....

  2. Hi Linda~ I think I can comment here! Yay! I want to give you a big hug for feeling so frustrated with problems~ God has the answers. We had a beloved willow tree that happened too, and it was so sad...but if the root is good and you can protect it, it should come back! Give it time~

    Glad you found some more fabric. Your hat is cute! Hugs! C