Sunday, March 6, 2016

Start of a New Week

It was a lovely day here in Va. I went out and did chores this morning. But, as I worked I looked around and could see a Ton of things that needed to be worked on. I felt so darn bad that I sat down on the pick-nick table and just had a good cry. I could not help but think that with the pretty weather finally on the horizon I would sure need some energy to go along with my want-to's.

Later in the day I caught a picture of Bandit Yawning. I got a good laugh out of that because that was a piece of accidental good luck.

Late afternoon I got a surprise of my daughter and her young man came for a visit. I was thrilled  as I really am crazy about this young man. He has totally stolen my heart because we can sit and talk Critters all day long. And for my crew to come out to see them - then you know they must be special.
I Always believe my animals ! ~smile

I even got a picture of Bandit washing his little white feet . I love my furbaby family. I am so tickled to see them actually out of the bedroom and out into the main part of the house. Almost acting like normal pups.

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  1. So thankful your fur babies are feeling better now!!!
    Hugs~ C