Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter

Well, I didn't do anything creative But I certainly had a Perfect Day. This is my two beautiful Grandchildren. Chantal was my Very First Grandchild and you who are grandparents know how they rock your world. You are changed from that moment on. Dakota, her brother is the 3rd from last and he is a Gammer with the Sweetest Heart and laid back disposition - a lot like his Grandmother. ~smile~

Then my Daughter and Granddaughter . Crystal was my First Baby and yes -she changed my life forever too. She still Rocks my World.

My daughter with her new Sweetie and I am hoping and praying that THIS IS THE ONE - as I adore him.

Granddaughter and Great-Granddaughter -two beautiful generations hunting those Easter Eggs. Chantal had hidden candy in each of the plastic eggs and after Lylah learned they were in there she was inhaling that candy as fast as she could find an egg. We know who was going to get a candy high. lol

Then they took me out to eat Chinese and I filled my tummy. Now I am home safe and sound and stuffed and lazy. It was a perfect day.

I did get the tools for my next garden projects -soil and more fence posts. Even got a heavy pair of gloves and rope to tackle that wild rose bush. I had never wanted to move it but it Never even blooms and now is taking up space I need for food. We will see how that goes.

Love to all and hope you had a wonderful day Too.

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  1. I say chop down the rose! I'm not a fan of rose bushes anyway... they are pricks! ha ha ha! And not child friendly. Much better to grow veges or fruit. Lovely family photos.