Wednesday, March 9, 2016

I Learned Something About Me

Today was an absolutely beautiful day. I had picked out 3 pieces of fabric that I hope to make that birthday gift with, washed them and carried them outdoors in the fresh Spring air to dry. I discovered later that the center one has a white line down the center of it and I might not be able to use it and it is my favorite pick. Darn it.

Then I went about doing my chores and getting carried away with the beauty of the day.


I carried my 3 little "throw back" chickens outdoors in a little run to let them enjoy the day too. Then I started racking up the Big Mess from the winter storms.

I ended up having 5 little burn piles all scattered around the one side of the chicken building. I also pulled weeds from the irises and daylillies that are shooting up and carried them inside the building for the chicks in the inside runs. I wanted to take them out too, but do not have safe runs completed for them at this time.

Then next thing I knew it was getting dark on me. I sat down on the ground to get my breath and then the though hit me that here I am 65 years old and up until that point I Really did not know what an "Outdoor Gal" I really am?? It seemed to sooth my soul just being out in the fresh air and sunshine and the warm temperatures were simply heaven on earth. My back  is hurting from all the racking  and digging and tugging and pulling but I was so thrilled to be outside and not have the cold hurting me. I know I will only have a few months to appreciate it and there is a lot of work I hope to accomplish but I am so grateful to have made it through the worst winter of my life.  Yea.

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  1. I can just see your enjoying your chores outside and enjoying nature! Hugs~ C