Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Hump Day

I was awakened at 8AM by a knock on the door. Of course I was in my jammies and looked like a hinkle because the cats had had another fight this morning at 6AM and I had gone back to sleep to try to regain that lost sleep-eye.

My daughter had called the road crew and sure enough here was a sweet young man named Billy who showed up and asked me about it. I explained that the crew shearing trees had sheared the limbs down onto my fence along the road and the weight of all the limbs had collapsed the fence and I could not get it back up due to the weight of the trees. So, I got dressed just in case he might need me.

I really meant to take a friend some eggs but I just felt so rotten I was afraid to drive. Tomorrow it is calling for rain so maybe I will do that tomorrow when I cannot work outdoors????? It depends a lot on these eyeballs. These new bloomers were what greeted me when I went outdoors to put the chickens out. I am glad that I have been being careful with these chicks because there was a standard size chicken that had got away from me and refused to go back in her cage at night and now she has disappeared??? So, I know if I were to even think of leaving any of my darlings in any kind of outdoor area they would not be safe. It is a regular WAR to keep them - that is why they are locked in a building at night.

Yukon had to have his breakfast and say a few mouth-fulls of donkey talk while I debated what I might accomplish since I was feeling rotten. I knew being out for a little while would still help and the 40 minutes it took to put the chicks out in there runs gave me enough gusto to go get the limb cutters and tackle those limbs that are in the way of where I want to put up that piece of deer fence. The limbs were tougher than I had planned on and it took all of my might to twist and turn the tool to make it cut through. By the time I had accomplished that I felt like I had fought a war. And , in a way I had. lol

You can kinda see I have the limbs trimmed back so as not to hang over the little fence. I have a big pile of limbs on the other side of the fence I will figure out what to do with later.

Pain was racking my body and I realized I had forgotten to take my supplement AGAIN and that was why I was hurting . It was 4pm , so I decided to go get something to eat and take a break.

After I rested I came back out and had an hour before time to bring the chicks back in so I worked on that fence again. OF COURSE I made a boo-boo- Don't I Always?????????????????? I got two posts and drove them into the ground and then cut a section of the plastic netting to string on top of the second posts I bolt into the top of the post driven in the ground. BUT - I cut my netting too short and had to change the distance between the two posts.

The advantage is they really needed to be closer together to be stronger , the disadvantage is it left a 5 foot gape that the deer can still leap through. DARN IT> I wouldn't mind it if not for the fact that I now need 4 more metal fence posts and am already  Low on money for the month.

I had to do something to life my spirits so I drug that big bag of garden soil from the car to the raised bed that has my Walking onions in it. I am Really tickled with these onions. They survived the Winter and look beautiful. I put the new, beautiful soil in the bed with them scooting the soil all around the onions and lit left a small section where I planted my 33 seeds of watermelon radishes that say they should be ready in 60 days. That means the end of May I should have some real cute radishes. They are really pretty Inside with rings of red and white and are suppose to look beautiful in salads.

I did tie my new rope to one of the wild rose bushes and the other end to the car. But when I pulled off -the rope just came undone because it is one of those slick polyester ropes??? I was good and tired and still had to carry my chicks back to the building so I decided to give it up on a positive note and try to figure that out on one of my next adventures. ~smile~

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