Monday, March 7, 2016

Monday Visit Sewing room

Tomorrow Callie goes to the vet for her spay. Yea, it has finally arrived. I wish it would help the problem with these 3 cats fighting in the house.But at the moment I see no fix to that dilemma .But at least we will fix it so no other kitties from her end up thrown away.

I discovered this morning that I had screwed up on one of my best friend's birthday. I was absolutely broken heartened. She has done so very much to help me through the last few years and I get her birthday confused?????I did not forget her - I had looked on the calendars in January and could not find her birthday posted on any of the old ones I was taking down and that was very confusing because I like to keep birthday posted each month -so what happened I have No Idea. I found one that had her name circled in April  and went with that only to discover on Facebook that her birthday was on the 6th of March! I was crushed to make such a mistake.

So, I went to the sewing room today to hunt to see if I had some fabric I could make her a gift with???Needless to say I found Lots of messes so I spent most of the day cleaning and being upset with myself.

I have gathered the trash up to take down to the road with me in the morning as I leave. I have gathered up 8 dozen eggs to take with me to donate to someone along the way???  I will have to get up early to get Miss Callie to the vet on time. I plan to stay in town and wait to pick her up as I do not want to waste gas driving in and out twice in one day, so I am trying to put together a list of errands to run. ?????

I did fix a pot of Lima bean soup today so that will be my lunch for a few days.  

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  1. I'm sure your friend will understand a belated birthday!
    Hugs about the cats!
    Hugs~ C