Monday, February 29, 2016

Monday, Feb. 29th- the last day of the month

My precious little Mocha must be feeling a tad better because she as least came out to lay in the chair beside me here at the computer and I like that. She is shivering so I cannot decide whether that means she is cold or stressed??? Plus, Coco is feeling bad as she cried when I reached to pet her and tell her I love her after I returned home today.

I had agreed to meet my daughter and best friend to go to Radford College to hear Trump , who is a presidential candidate speak. We all met up and then headed downtown (ours is a little town) . The place was definitely abuzz. People were Everywhere - like bees at a bee hive. The parking lots were already filled to capacity , so we finally just gave up and headed off to have lunch together at a Chinese place in the next little town.

We were celebrating my friend leaving town with her daughter and son-in-law to go to California where the kids have been offered better jobs than they can find around here. My daughter paid for the lunch to send her off. Then we stopped off at a place called Plato's Closet to see if they would take any of the clothes that Joyce had and they only took one pair of jeans for 5.00. Bummer. I had never been in there so it was a nice new adventure for me except that my knees and calves were hurting so bad I could hardly stand it. Plus, bad eyes made me sad that the pleasure of shopping might be another gift I might be forced to give up in the future. Just the little things that we as women take for granted all of our life-can end.

We headed back to our meeting place and said our good-byes and I started to cry. I am so happy for her - I guess maybe change is just hard for me. I have been so blessed by her friendship . She is the one person that I could call when it came to an animal tragedy so maybe I am feeling vulnerable ??? That is one feeling I do not like. If it were not for my animals I would just load up and go with her, but my animals have always held my heart.

I did get to see my beautiful daughter too and that was a gift too. I treasure her more than she will ever know. As we parted I went by the vet's office where I had to pick Cowboy's remains up and of course that brought more tears. First I was surprised that his container was so small - in a pretty paper bag -then at home I was surprised that his container was so large compared to DH's -it was about 1/4 the size. I placed them together and told them that I miss them both. More tears , so I guess this is just one of those challenging days. It certainly was beautiful -very windy but beautiful. Tomorrow will be colder -but still that is getting me one more day closer to Spring.



  1. I have to agree about the animals, it would be hard to even think about leaving was bad enough when we had to re house our beloved chooks and rooster. You've had quite a week really, with your friend moving too. I hope you stay strong and keep chugging away at the things you enjoy and keep loving your animals.
    Cheers, Anita.