Friday, March 18, 2016

End of the Week

Sweet little Blondie is the mother of my other pups and she came out to enjoy the sunshine . She likes to lay on some pillows I put in the front door to catch all the morning sunshine but I was carrying things in and out at the moment.

I had got up and gave myself the lecture that I needed some things from town and I always wait until too late in the day and get mad at myself. So I made a list early and then noticed that my little Mocha was not feeling well on her new medicine.

So I called the vet and told her that she was not able to get her breath and was gurgling and she told me I could increase the dosage. I then went on to town and picked up some groceries for me and the pups too and some wire to make another chicken corral and a roll of plastic netting I plan to put up around the garden to help stop the deer. It would be awful good around my apple tree too that they have eaten down to the nub -but it will only go so far and I really should not have spent that money -but I have to try to save some food some how.

When I got back home and was unloading the groceries I could hear Mocha struggling to breath and gasping for air so I panicked and  gave her the regular dose of the regular medicine that the first vet has had her on for a year now? I cannot stand to see her gasping for air - it just kills me. So now I feel like I am being disloyal to two different vets and do not mean to be - I just want my pups to have some quality of life-like Air to breath and be able to enjoy eating . I would not have got the meds down any of them today if not for the one small can of emergency food that the second vet sold me . I do not know what makes them accept it -but they will gulp it right down with their meds inside of it??? I can only spare the two small bites between the two sisters and Mom?? I definitely cannot afford to feed them all that at 3.00 a Small can???

But, at least I had them all 3 breathing this afternoon while I worked outdoors. Mocha laid in the sunshine and kept an eye on me - keeping an eye on her. She would follow me occasionally ever so sad with that little tail Tucked between her legs all defeated looking with her little eyes all squinched up. It just breaks my heart. Coco would not even come out of the house -she stayed all curled up in a little ball in her bed -all afternoon long?  I wish I knew how to help them feel better?????

I took my little roll of wire and cut it half in to and wired the two ends of each piece together and made two little corrals for my chickens. Then I took two old sheets and some clothes pins and pinned the sheets on top to make a roof so they would not fly away. That way they got fresh grass and I got the yard mowed.  At least that project was a good one.

My neighbor stopped and had me bring my car down to his house and he brought me back home so he could work on my car in the morning. His wife volunteered his services??? But, I am very grateful . My worry is there is something else wrong with it now - it does not want to steer right . It seems to take all of my strength to just turn the wheel at times? I sure do wish my DH was still here -he could fix anything .

I had ordered some homeopathic pellets for my eyes and have only been taking then a day so I am afraid to say I think they have made a difference?? At least my eyesight was better today when I went to town and I thank God for that.

OK, turning cold and miserable here tonight after several days of beautiful weather so I will Miss it terribly for a couple of days . Cold rain Sat. and then snow showers called for on Sun. YUCK! Maybe it will keep me in the house long enough to go back to work on my friend's birthday shirt. I sure do hope so. I am afraid to touch it - afraid I will kill it before I finish it???

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  1. Still many prayers for your precious Babies!
    Glad to hear you have a helpful mechanic neighbor. Hope he knows how to fix the car!
    Can't wait to see the birthday shirt~ HUGS~ C