Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Busy Tuesdays just make them fly by

 I started my morning by running to town and mailed that birthday shirt. Yea, it is On It's Way!

Then I grabbed a bag of soil as I hope to  start some seeds.  I ran in and fixed some pinto bean soup and some corn bread with honey for lunch -then I headed outdoors. I put all of the little chickens in their little runs to get fresh air, sunshine and some exercise.

While they were out I set about cleaning their  runs in the building and lugging the litter out .

It was hard work and by half way though my back was already complaining. I wish my sweet hubby were still alive . He would have let me fill the buggy full and then got his little 4 wheeler and hauled it anywhere I would have wanted it. I Really do miss his help. I hate that my young son tore up the 4 wheeler so I cannot use it-it would be a help.

This color is my very favorite. I had a surplus of boiled eggs so I shredded a bowlful for each of the groups and they really enjoyed them.

I was down to my last run when one of my young neighbors stopped.He said he had heard my turkey gobbling and he was looking for one for his two hens. He just wanted to see if I had an extra male or knew of anybody who did.  We had a nice "bird talk".

I finally got that last run cleaned out and all of the feather-babies put back up. Then I scurried around and gathered up a car load of trash from around the yard and took it down to the road. Now the weather is changing things are already getting ahead of me.

See, their inside runs are all clean and full of new bedding.  Now I am heading to the house for a shower and a snack before bed. Tomorrow is suppose to be  pretty too so I hope to accomplish more outdoors if I can talk my knees into co-operating. lol


  1. You have been very busy... The chooks will enjoy their clean pen..

  2. So nice to have clean pens! Yay~ C