Monday, March 28, 2016

Huff and Puff and Blow your house down

Well, that's what the wind felt like it was trying to do . Where in the world is all this wind coming from. I gave up on the idea of putting the little chicks outdoors in their corrals . I was afraid the wind would blow them away and I would never see them again, so I just did my chores and came back to the house. Blondie said it was alright to hang out in the house on a day like this.

I Considered going to the garden so I came in and looked up my seeds. I have been anxious to get the red watermelon seeds planted so I found the pack and checked it out. It said it has 33 radish seeds in it. The way the wind was whipping I was afraid it would blow them out of my hand before I could get them in the soil, so I decided to wait another day.

I am kinda sore and just plain tired today so I decided to take the opportunity to check out a book I had picked up at the Sewing Guild meetings. I found it to be very interesting. That was a nice break.

As I looked up from my book Miss Grouchy Gabby was giving me the once over. I was surprised to see her there.

I must have insulted her when I snapped her picture as she went to the far side of the couch and went to grooming herself. lol

I went out on the front porch to fill the bird feeder and do you remember those milk jugs I had put the seeds in a while back???? Wellllllllll????? I did good and I did BAD.  This one is Daisys  -but I FORGOT to keep a check on them to see if they were damp enough??????

And it looks like my NEGLECT might have killed off 3 jugs of them????? I was SOOOOOOOO Disappointed in myself.

Do I fixed something to eat and then put my feet up and went back to work on a crochet project . This will be the First project I have ever made using ONLY the slip stitch?????  I am half way through - we will see how it continues?

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  1. Bugger about the seed! Your crochet project looks lovely.