Wednesday, March 2, 2016

BRRRRR - Weds.

Yea, Old Man Winter has returned and I am miserable. Trying to save the propane I turned down the thermostat last night to 70. Then I had an adventure. I had added an extra blanket to the bed and turned out the light and crawled under the covers and just as my eyes were going shut I heard a sound like a cell phone makes when it is going dead???? I thought maybe it could be the cell phone I had just terminated service with Verizon because they would not fix my service so I canceled it this time.

I threw back the covers , turned on the light and stumbled to the bookcase where I had placed it and the box and took them into the living room so I could get some much needed sleep. Turn off light , pull up covers and eyes going down again - only to hear the dingle, dingle, dingle Again. Hum??? Not the cell phone in the box. Throw off covers, turn on lights and back to book case???? Nothing there to make that sound -books don't dingle????

I am standing in front of the bookcase and the chair that is in front of it and the sound comes from the floor to the wall sound??? I have some pillows there on the floor beside the chair with covers for the pups - maybe something dropped there. I rummage through and see Nothing??? So, I gather up the whole pile and carry them to the living room and go back to bed. As soon as eyes are going close - same thing?????

Throw off covers , turn on light- go pick up rocking chair and heave it up on bed. Search it all over and find Nothing to make a noise???? I go get the vacuum cleaner and vacuum the entire floor of bird seed and under the bookcase . There is nothing there- put back chair and vacuum and go back to bed - just as eyes go down - Same Dingle, dingle??? There is nothing left to do but pull the pillow over my head and go to sleep as it is now 3Am and I am bushed. I do fall asleep  -only to wake up late today and feel like death warmed over.

Old Man Winter is back and it is cold. I pull out the little electric heater I had bought for emergencies and turn it on because at the moment electric heat is suppose to be cheaper than propane. But, I am still miserable. I have discovered that when you have fibromyalgia cold is so hard to bear. It gets deep inside of me and makes me feel like I am tranquilized and I cannot function.

My pups are cold too. Mocha went to the front door where the sun normally comes in around noon and I gave her a flannel jacket to help. 

Cocoa was sneaking by me just trying to find some place to hide. It breaks my heart.

I decided I would draw out the pattern for one of the doll dresses -only to realize I did not have a doll and no way to Know if it would come out the right size, so I looked online and the dolls were a fortune. I KNOW I saw these 18 dolls Somewhere very reasonable but for the life of me I cannot remember where. It was some kind of a supply place ????? But, for the moment I am totally stumped.

I have a crochet pattern for a hunters cowl and I want to make one for my wonderful neighbor who plows my driveway so I went rummaging through my yarn stash and could not find anything suitable, but I did find Mocha's lost treat toy -so I placed some squeeze cheese in it , all I had left and she actually fooled with it. I was so pleased she felt well enough to do even that. Meanwhile I researched online what Aran weight yarn was ??? That is what I need for the project. 

My tummy had been upset all day long for some reason and it was late and I was getting hungry so I fixed a pot of lentil soup and that was my supper . It was really good and it was hot so it felt good to get some heat inside. I watched a program on the computer and was under my covers just being miserable. I Hate Cold.

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  1. Now I am curious about that mysterious sound!!!
    I have been in so much pain myself for weeks can make me want to just cry! Even with the warmer weather the pain continues. arghhh Hugs~ C