Sunday, March 20, 2016

OK, I have been constructive today.

A Cold and rainy and No, I did not see any of the snowflurries they were talking about?????? That suits me just fine.

So, after doing all of the normal morning stuff I headed to the sewing room and grabbed that birthday shirt. I was still being Very Careful as I pinned the shirtsleeves and sewed the hem in them.  Now another baptism with the iron and it looks halfway decent. Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My camera is not taking good pictures for some reason ??? But it really does look nice . It is a size 3X and the embroidery designs are butterflies. I wanted to put on more , but with this crazy fabric I was AFRAID to test fate.

By then I was feeling right inspired so I pulled out the doll tee pattern and traced it and cut out one tee shirt from the fabric that was suppose to be the first shirt ! Grrr.

I wanted to test the pattern because this was not one I had drawn out -this was an online pattern and I had read when you print it out you might mess up on the size of it with the scale of the printer. Since I am Stupid lately I wanted to make for sure I had done things correctly


I pulled out my doll I had purchased online from Jo-Ann's to ready for the fitting.

OK, it fits. This pattern calls for a Velcro closing in the back, but it really does not need that since the fabric is a stretchy knit??? I might change that out for another one , but the reason I was directed to this pattern is because they use it to make a dressy doll dress top so I will check out how all the pieces are suppose to fit together as the bottom of the dress is not stretchy???? Live and Learn????

IF I AM SUCCESSFUL this will be donated to the Sewing Guild at Christmas time for a doll drive they work on for needy children. My eyes did not want to "play right" today. Both of the projects were very hard to see as things were so pale. I will continue to see how far I can push them. They need to get with the program as there are lots of things I want to do to give to others.

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  1. Your dear friend will love her birthday shirt! It is not only a labor of love, but is very pretty indeed! Hugs~ C