Saturday, March 26, 2016

Have you ever wondered what you did with your day?

Well, I discovered today that you might just surprise yourself if you take your camera along for the day????  I put my chicks out in their corrals and they loved the sunshine that was just perfect today - not too hot - not too cool. Just perfect Spring sunshine -also perfect to work in.

I pulled out my little electric mower and dis this hillside at the back door where the chicks had already worked it over pretty good -getting all of the good grass. It is very hard to mow because it is so steep. I managed to fall 3 things before I could get it accomplished. Glad nobody was around to see it happen and SO Glad I did not hurt anything but my pride

When I put the mower up I noticed that Mocha had come out in the sunshine and I was so glad to see him - hoping being outdoors would make her feel better. There is something about being cooped up in a house that just is not good for you .I used to tell my DH that I always felt better Out of the house.

Next I pulled my little Mantis tiller out of the building and took the tines off to clean out all of the gunk from where my daughter had used it last year in her flower bed at her house. Then I put gas in it and tried to start it . Of course it would not start and I Wished I had bought that electric one two years ago on Ebay when I had the money and it was on sale in the Winter. Hum??? I guess Winter might be good for something???

Then I discovered there was a round hole in the gas tank????? Well shucks! It seems I always get left with things that cannot work , but I REALLY want to plant some peas .

I swung by the house and picked up my pack of seeds and headed to the garden. That ground made me tired just looking at it. All hard and Covered in a thick layer of weeds. How I wished that tiller would have been able to work.

Well, when machines fail you there is always the manual technique. I have learned that I just do not have the talent to make machines work but I can make tools work and Miss Callie came along for moral support and to cheer me on.

It took me about an hours digging but finally I had a space cleaned off  to where I could plant the peas. Yea ! I did not fail in my goal. (This would be another time when I would wish for my DH , who could make any machine work. Or, wish that my oldest son was not too busy to help make it run as he has that ability too.)

I had to laugh as Miss Callie was still cheering for me from the top of a fence post where she could keep an eye on me. lol

One of the posts had broken off at the ground level in the fence along the driveway so I went and got the post hole driver and a new Metal post I had just got last week . I stood the wooden post up straight and placed the metal post beside it and went at it. I was very careful not to hit my sore hand. Finally it was in nice and solid - I did not hit any rocks that time and I tied the broken post to the new metal support.

The deer here will devour anything you want to eat so it is a battle to have any food for me. Last year I came up with a neat idea. I drive a metal post in the ground -then bolt another metal post on top of it -then take bird netting and drape it up over the top of the second post -giving you a protective fence that is WAY UP IN THE AIR! Probably 16 feet high. Now that fooled them. But one of my posts had fallen over . I knew it would because I hit a rock there last year and I knew it was not stable -but I had been too tired to fix it. Now that the wind had helped take it down , I took the two posts apart and then took my hand driver and pounded the post back into the ground in a slightly different spot where I did not hit any rocks. Next I put the top post back on the now stable ground post and re-erected my bird netting and Yea - back up in the air. Another job marked off my list.

My next project was to put up a little canvas fencing around the garden fence to help keep out other critters ??? I had to hack a lot of vines growing on the ground that tried to prevent me from getting it close to the ground. I even got a brier in my finger and had to fuss with that.

Bless her little heart - Miss Callie is still encouraging me on. She has hung  right out with me the entire day. Talk about loyal -but she has taken funny spells. One time she ran down the driveway to the two big walnut trees and she jumped up about 5 feet in the air onto one of them and then over to the other one and then BLISTERED it back up to the garden . She was running so fast my eyes could hardly keep up with her. You can sure tell she is young - wish I could have some of her energy. lol

I went back in the garden and weeded more of my strawberry plants. You should have heard my tummy rumbling and complaining but it was getting so late that I figured it was too late to go eat now. It was only an hour and half till dark so I decided to work on one more space for a different pack of peas. So it took that hour to dig that patch up and get those peas planted too. These are to be used pods and all and said the plants were sensitive to heat so maybe they can accomplish something Now. I sure do hope so.

Then I had to put up all my tools and go gather up all of the little chickens. It takes 14 trips from the chicken building where their stalls are and then out to the little corrals and then back in -so I am getting plenty of exercise. Then I locked up the one small group I had put in the pasture. Finally I can call it a day and go get my much needed shower. I did slice up two small potatoes into wedges and coat them with olive oil and Italian seasoning and turmeric and put them in to roast while I showered.

But , when I looked back on the camera I could not help but think, " O, so that is what I did with my day."  Not too shabby for an old grandmaw. ~smile~


  1. Phew! What a busy day and your hand does look sore....
    Sew nice to have your loyal champion.

  2. YOu are amazing what you mangage to do in a day! Makes me feel positively lazy.