Thursday, March 24, 2016

Well, I'll Be?????

It was suppose to be 70F today (that is 21.11C for you Aussies) so I went up to the building and opened the doors for fresh air since I had to visit a friend. We went to look at some baby chicks at a new local hardware store but they did not com in . I looked at a little hand saw pruner and asked my friend his opinion if it would work on my apple tree. He came back with one with a different handle so I got it.

He had a little seabright rooster that my neighbor wanted so I picked the little guy up and brought him home with me and my neighbor came and picked him up.Then I set to working on the apple tree. I had to drag the big Heavy ladder around from the back of the house where I had used it to get that tarp on top of the storage trailer. It was a battle but I finally got it around to the tree. Then was fighting with the smaller branches stopping me from putting it in place.

I was thinking -hum????? That tree has got a LOT taller than I remember as I started to climb up. I had made it about 3 steps when the branches ganged up on me and I knew I would have to cut my way free so I pulled out the little saw and tried to saw through one . Well , I was not making any progress and I realized this was a losing batttle unless thee was some kind of secret to operating these things that I did not know.

I climbed down to the safety of Mother Earth and stepped over to where there was a big branch of a kiwi that had gone crazy last year and tried to strangle my other apple tree. I thought I would practice on that. Well of course it would not let me make cuts - it would just peel the bark off?? I tried making smooth moves and it seemed to get hung?? I tugged on it and the darn thing popped loose and latched onto the part of my hand above my thumb and grabbed a big hunk of hide and blood flew everywhere? I was stunned it happened so fast. Blood was going everywhere so I headed to the house . I got to the porch and blood was squirting all over it so I thought, " I can't get in the house like this" so I headed to the car to grab some napkins in there. I grabbed them up and popped on it and headed back to the house . Those napkins were now dissolving into mush as I flew to the kitchen sink. I scrapped them off and blood was covering the bottom of the sink. Geezzzzzzzzzzz! I grabbed for the drawer that had the junk rags in it and got two of them and put pressure on it and sat down to calm down??

But, all that blood was making me woozy and a little bit scared. Then I happened to realize that my other neighbor was my school chum and she was a NURSE! That was all she wanted to be her whole life , so I called her and asked if I could come out and let her patch me up and she said sure. By the time she got ahold of it the pressure I had put on it had slowed it down to look like no big deal. I was disgusted. But she dressed it -said it was a flap and had probably hit a little vein , thus all the blood. She put a TIGHT bandage on it to keep the pressure on it . After a while my finger were getting cold so I loosened it up and cold see where it had tried to bleed , even with all the pressure??? I am turning into a real Woose!

It is hurting pretty good now, you know the old, Throb, Throb, Throb. I don't think me and that Saw are going to have much more of a relationship. lol


  1. Oh Linda!!!! That was even scary to read about and pray you are doing better now!!! Take care, and thank God for your nurse friend!!! HUGS~ C

  2. Oh goodness you really need to be more careful... Pleased you had a friend close by to help dress your injury... Take care and I hope it heals soon.

  3. OUCH! Glad I'm not the only one who did themselves a mischief this week! My toe bled something rotten too.