Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Busy Little Me


I got all my little chickens out in the fresh air today and then pulled out one of my flats. I had purchased the potting soil yesterday just for this purpose but Boy did it turn out to be a disappointment. It was so full of sticks and trash that l like to Never got it sorted enough to even plant one flat. I was Disgusted.

I planted half yellow peppers and half heirloom variegated tomatoes.  The tomatoes were from a tomato that a friend gave me last Fall. The plants were so beautiful you could have put them right in your flower bed and they would have been at home because the soft leaves were a green with white trim on each of them.Now he told me the more shade they were planted in- the more variegated they would be?? If they come up I will test that by planting some in the sun and some in a shady spot. I cannot believe tomatoes could even grow in a shady spot and produce?????But it will be a fun experiment. I do know that last year his variegated outproduced all of my tomatoes and I would definitely be grateful for a little more than the 8 quarts I canned last year.

Then I spent the afternoon working on the "condo-door" where the raccoon had got in and killed my little seabrights. I sure do hope I have outfoxed him this time. My hubby built me this many years ago and nothing had ever bothered it until now!  I pulled out the two little odd roosters and put them in there - There are two more sections that the front doors will have to be redone but I ran out of time and energy. Plus, by late evening my back was complaining AGAIN.

I put the lid on the little flat and carried it in the house until something starts to show its little head-Hopefully! ~smile! I also transferred my 6 chickens from one henhouse up to the pasture henhouse where I HOPE to be able to turn them out and let them enjoy some freedom. I will give them a few days to figure out that is their new home and then set them free to have some fun while I work outdoors around them. It has been about 4 months since the coyote killed the last ones and I have seen no sign of him - I hope that is a good sign. Boy, they gave me a fit catching them - you would have thought I was the coyote. lol My nose is still full of the dust they exploded everywhere.

Then I had to carry all of the little d' Uccles back into the building. They are starting to remember how to climb into the carrying cage now with out giving me too much fuss. That makes things so much easier. They had a good day - I had a good day and am so grateful for a beautiful day. Just wish my energy would not give out on me so I could do more.

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