Friday, March 25, 2016

Friday Flys By

It rained all this morning but by lunch time I was able to get the chicks out and get me outdoors too. I did wear a coat and scarf for a couple of hours .

I worked in some of the flower beds for a while and just enjoyed God's beauty. These are my hellebore .They are one of my favorite flowers because they bloom early and they thrive in the shade.

You can enjoy the blooms for the longest times. I wish their little faces would turn up to the sun but they hang down kinda like bells.

One of my little tulips that my daughter had bought me is showing its little face. How very precious it is. I am so Thrilled to see the flowers coming out.

There are two apple trees here -one on the left and one on the right and they are the ones that I am having so much trouble with the pruning idea. That piece of a porch to the right is WAY above my head and you can see the trees go up beyond that. And me and that pruning hand saw are NOT having anything else to do with each other.

My little pair of Cochins are helping me work up this raised bed . They are scratching up all of the weeds and getting some sunshine to boot.

This little guy was blooming down where they were at.

But this little darling was blooming back up at the top of the hill at the main chicken building.

Mocha actually came outdoors for a few minutes to inspect the hillside where I had mowed. You can see the flowers coming up nicely on both the left and right hand side. It looks level but IT IS NOT. As you go around that post it starts to go straight up the hill and there are tree roots that make it very hard to mow. It is so steep that it takes all of my strength to push the mower UP the hill so that is why there are flowers on both sides of the area. I am trying to get them to grow and fill it in until there is only a path to worry about. It will take time. I weeded in the garden some also . Thanks to my diligence the weeds have not taken over my strawberries this year so MAYBE I will have a few????

I want to put up that deer fence but I have to come up with a way to cut the branches on a tree there too that is in my way? I want to plant some things but need to get my little tiller running ????????? I need some soil for my beds but do not have a truck to haul any??I thought about hauling some dirt from the woods but that is a long walk to only have a little wagon to drag some home in.??????????? I wish things weren't so complicated. But I am just so grateful that Spring is here , even though I read this morning about some places having SNOW! I don't want ANY of that Stuff.

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