Friday, March 4, 2016

End Of Week Friday

An experimental day???? I really do love this chenille yarn - it is so Soft as it passes through your fingers and hooks. But, I was so tired of that other pattern and wanted something different for gifts so I had another pattern from years back from an Annie Kay's magazine. It had called for two threads of worsted weight yarn to be held together so I was hoping it would come out to about the same difference??????

Well, not quiet - it came out wayyyyyyyy too long so I had to rip out several rows to the length. I have spent all day working on these .

Except for an upsetting break when I heard a nose of a cat playing with something???? I went to check it out and the stray had gone out the doggie door and killed a ground squirrel and brought it back indoors and was batting it all over the place. I picked its limp little body up and wanted to cry. I dearly love these little ground squirrels , but I could easily understand how Callie had been forced to survive off of any food source she could find ???

I put her in the dog kennel to think about it -only to watch her squirm her way out of an area that had one broken rung missing -so I locked her in the bedroom for the duration of the day? While she was locked up both of the other cats came out from hiding and the pups also and hung out with me????? So, that was one reason I kept working on the boots -because I had my fur-family back with me???

Callie is really sweet and very smart and I have that appointment this coming Tues. to have her spayed as I do not want any more kittens that will not have homes being born.  I do not want to take her to the shelter as there are already too many there to begin with.  Finding a good home for a cat is like looking for a needle in the haystack?  Why did someone throw her away and put this problem on me???


  1. I wish we were near. I would take it. We just had a kitty ran over by a car. Broke our heart. Love the slippers. I would love to have a pattern to make those.

  2. That would freak me out with the squirrel! Hugs~ C