Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Cold Tuesday

I thought I was going to take a bunch of eggs to give to my girlfriend and her family but when I called her she was in another town 60 miles away visiting her oldest daughter???? So as I turned around to decided what to next do with my day I noticed my little Mama dog , Blondie was having one of her heart spells.

She was collapsed on her bed gasping for breath and turning blue. I knew it was time for her meds anyway so I grabbed her up and prayed as I poked her breathing pill down her. Then I sat and held her for about 20 minutes and she did start to breath better but still not the way she needed to so I decided to head to the vet.

It takes me 45 minutes to get to the vet and he was still at lunch so we had to wait 30 minutes and then we were the 3rd in line and she was doing much better. But, I just felt better being in the right place if we needed help.  He checked her and said her heart was no worse and that made me feel better. So we picked up our month's supple of meds for her and her two daughters.

On the way home I stopped and grabbed me a bag of oranges , one of my favorite treats. By then we had been gone for 3 hours and I was already pooped from the driving and the worry but I wanted to accomplish SOMETHING beneficial????

I let Blondie out of the car and walked down and looked at my pitiful little apple tree - or what was left of it after the deer using it for a snack - after being so beautiful last year.  It is also my cat, Midnight's headstone from last year. I wanted to have something beneficial for the world, not just a board to rot away and it had been so beautiful , just like her.

I went and got the other posts I had picked up the other day and then my pruners and trimmed all of the bitten edges off down to where it was healthy and green. Then I went and got the post hole driver and fought to get the metal posts up in the air with the heavy driver on top of them so I could pound them into the ground. It took me quiet a while but I got lucky and only one of them got stuck on a rock below ground and I had to move it around to finally get it in the ground. By the time I got all that pounding completed I was pooped AGAIN. lol

Next I fetched the bird netting and wrapped it around the posts making a small fence which I HOPE will outfox those mean old deer.

It is hard to see, but I am hoping for the best. I REALLY wanted to plant those radish seeds but I was just too tired to go get the seeds and drag that bag of dirt down from the car. I probably could not even have carried it as tired as I was at that point - not matter how much my "Want To" really wanted to.

Coco came out and got some sunshine while I put everything back up , but she was also Busy keeping an eye on those crazy fighting cats????????? Not drawing blood , Just making all that hissing and such. Will Peace ever rein??????

I went in the house and fixed some potato wedges and mixed up some mustard and honey to dip them in  -then reared back and watched a movie while I worked on that crochet project. I ripped it out again and spent 4 hours on it - only to realize I had made the same mistake again -due to these wonky eyes??? I am about ready to trash it and call me defeated????  ~smile~  Although I am the queen of Rip-It" - "Rip-It".   lol

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