Saturday, March 19, 2016

Brrrrr???? and O My Aching BAck ??? lol

Callie says Hi and let's start our day.It is cold here this morning . I know it is only 40 but with a Cold rain that represents COLD to me.

I did get to work on the birthday shirt. It takes a lot more time than you would think, if you are one of the people who just run to the store and grab a shirt off of the rack. Done and Done.

Not so for a "Want-a-Be " perfectionist. I know, I know - I will never make it there , but I do really strive. This fabric is killing me - I really think it hates me. For a fabric that is suppose to be a cotton knit - it really does not act like it. It is slinky and likes to slither through my hands so it is hard to contain.

I got the sleeves set in and sewed the sides up without killing it so far.

When I tried to pin the shirt-tail to hem it -it did not want to co-operate at all. It wanted to curl and twist and not even out - even though I used the iron on it to try to "persuade" it to do better. It took me an hour just to pin the hem in it and then it took me an hour to just Sew the hem in it. I went very slowly and very carefully because it kept wanting to curl everywhich way and twist or even the two layers would separate on me even though I had it pinned severely.

I did take a straight stitch and go around the neckband to make it lay flatter.

So Two Hours just to accomplish the hem! Although I am very grateful that I did not mess it up and have to rip it all out..Now I can move on to hemming the sleeves.

Just as I started to work on the sleeves my back started screaming in pain ! !!!  I don't know how sewing can be so hard on your back?????  I think it is the fibromyalgia that creeps in just to remind you it is still a viable enemy. Well, Pooh on him - I will just go hunt me up something to eat??? Maybe a couple of red pepper and cream cheese sandwiches - toasted. ????????

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  1. You get an A for perseverance!!! LOL Hugs~ C