Sunday, March 13, 2016

Rough start of the week

I got my morning chores out of the way in a gentle rainfall.  Then headed inside to work on that birthday shirt. I got lucky in my hunt for the USB drive -didn't find the original one but did find the second one I had purchased at the same time just in case of emergencies and this is finally that time.

I opened up the OLD computer that I was using almost 4 years ago and found a design I could be happy with -then it took an extra hour for me to rack my brain to accomplish getting the designs from the puter onto the drive. Finally mission accomplished.

Next got out the stabilizers and threads and picked out the spot for my first design and it sewed out Nice. Maybe this was going to be my day after all and I would complete this project and get it mailed off????

Moved onto the second design and a big knot formed in the first 5 stitches and ripped a hole in the fabric???? I carefully picked out the knot and hand-stitched the hole -HOPING - to complete the design but No - same thing next time -only bigger hole - not the kind you can repair??? I wanted to cry. I have a few Pieces of the knit fabric left over but not enough to have one piece to cut out an entire front for a 3x shirt.???? I just did not have the heart to even try to piece together the scraps to attempt a salvage. Maybe tomorrow????

I had checked the weather and the rain was to cease from 3:30pm to 4;45pm so I called my neighbor and asked if her hubby would check a tire for me because that thing had broken and she said yes. So I hurried out there -only two miles from the house and he did fix them for me. I really appreciated their kindness.

On my way back home I reached our property line and saw a Disaster! See- I Never drive out this way as my driveway is at the first part of the property  A while back a crew had come through and sheared the tops out of trees going down our road. What I Did Not know was that they had sheared the trees and Dropped them right on top of my main fence that holds the 3 sheep and donkey in and the weight had shoved the entire fence down on the ground????? I slid down the bank and tried to raise the fence enough to get a block under it -but the weight of the trees is too much for me to lift??? I just could not believe what my eyes were seeing-no fence-me not strong enough to do the manual labor -no tools to work with - no truck to haul posts in- no hubby to cry on????? So, I piled some brush on the part where you could barely see the fence on the ground hoping to fool the critters until a miracle happens? I called my son to ask for help and he said it would be Two Weeks before he would have free time to look at it?

I talked to a friend tonight and he said I should call the law. I told him it had happened quiet a while back but he said they would have ways to find out which crew did it and maybe they would be held responsible to fix it? I don't think so -but I will consider calling and asking? He said that is property damage ????

I am just so tired I cannot think? Our daylight savings time kicked in last night and I just could not sleep. I got up and worked till 5Am and  said I Had to get a little sleep and I did go to sleep but the phone woke me at 9-so I am a little Weary. I am going to pray that the critters do not find that fence down now that the grass is starting to grow down there???? Then my little chocolate chihuahua Cocoa has been sick today and will not eat. Finally I got one bit down her with her breathing medicine in it . I wish she  could get better. After all those trips to the vet and all those antibiotics???

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  1. What a mess tree people can leave~ I hope there is something you can get done to get this fence paid for or fixed!
    Praying for your little Cocoa! Hugs~ C