Monday, March 21, 2016

Still cold - Brr

The gas company called me this morning and said I was scheduled for a random leak check and wanted to know if they could come after lunch and I said sure.

They were very sweet when they came and the test was good. I knew it should be because the whole system is now New. I got tickled because they had me turn the thermostat up as high as it would go to to make it come on . I did not even know it would go as high as 90????? LOL   Maybe I could have stayed warm all Winter long - IF I could have afforded it. LOL

After they left at 3;30 I hunted up some lunch with my beautiful furbabies and then headed into the sewing room. Back to that doll dress pattern?? I found my metallic fabric and a piece to use as a liner , cut them out and gathered them to add them to that knit top I had made, but the colors did not play well together in my opinion. So, I took the liner piece and cut a top out of it and went to work on it. It was a challenge for me to work with since it did not Stretch and it wanted to ravel but I finally got it hemmed around the neck and arms.

I finally decided to cut the top layer off higher up to let the pretty gold piece show through. I am not at all happy with the velcro closing on the neck as it grabbs the fabric and wants to tear the threads of the white silky fabric so I know it will ruin it pretty quick. .But, this is my first experiment with a doll dress????

I sure can see why the original pattern called for the top to be made out of knit-so it would stretch and be easier to work with -both when you are making the top and when the child is dressing the doll. But I do like the metallic fabric - I think it makes for nice "eye candy". ~smile~

After I finished it I gathered up that birthday shirt and got it all packaged up to get ready to mail. That will mean a trip to town ????  Wish I could go back to the days when DH would take me to town since he was the one who loved to drive. Now, with these eyes I could sure use his help. But, I am grateful I can do and still be independent.

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  1. Yay for the good report with the gas company! We use gas too, and last fall we got a gas fireplace insert that really keeps the house warm! Love it!

    I use to make Barbie clothes to sell. Sewing for dolls can be challenging, but you have to do things just a little different than real clothes. Like the roll of the neck and sleeves, where in a real pattern you would have interfacing. BUT, it also is easy to cute out two tops, and turn the fabrics right sides together, and sew all around except for the bottom. Then turn right side out and iron. That way all the edges are finished! Add the skirt to the top and it is done except for hem of course. You can even add the Velcro last on the top~

    HUGS~ C