Friday, April 1, 2016

Where did the week go???

Let's see, I know yesterday morning the state came and cut the trash off my fence and while they did that I took two one gallon buckets of eggs to my friend and she put a potful on the stove to make deviled eggs. It was nice to have a chance to get to sit down and just chat. Her two granddaughters were in her care, age 2 and 4 and they are so very cute. Both precious little red-heads. The four year old was riding a stick horse just like I did when I was that age. Boy, did that bring back memories.

I came home and took my neighbor a dozen of the big brown eggs and on the way I noticed that the state had cut the tree limbs off and where the fence pots were all broken off it really looked piteful???

Then this morning I strained a gallon of home made yogurt which made it Half the price of in the store and I can use it in my smoothies.

Next I peeled two dozen eggs and made deviled eggs for my friend who is picking up my chicken feed from the mill today as he had to go to the doctor and go right by the mill. That will be my chickens groceries for the upcoming month

He also shared some of his flowers with me. One of them was a black daylilly and it will be so very pretty mixed in with my light colored ones. I am excited about that one.

When I got home I went down and rechecked the fence and they had come back and it looks so funny. I guess they cannot use anything new on your old stuff so they had placed old pieces of post they had cut from the downed limbs in to replace the ones that had been broken off????? But, at lest it is back UP so the critters cannot get out.

I had unloaded all of my feeds and planted the flowers and it is getting dark and I am hungry so time to go refuel.

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  1. You are always sew busy...
    Some lovely blooms there Linda.