Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ahhhhh ! Yes I am sneaking some sewing in - finally. I am cutting me out a pair of pants from a very simple pattern that I drafted myself. I just wanted it plain and simple! I am beginning to think simple is hard to find these days!lol

BUT - I have been busy working outdoors most of the day and I took time to enjoy it for a change.

I took a few minutes to talk to Yukon and he politely ignored me. But that's ok I still enjoyed the view instead of some highway or some big building or other houses all around us! I am so blessed to have some quiet space for me and my crew. : )

Dear Miss Danny came strolling along. She likes to pretend that I "bother her"! LOL

I sat and watched the chickens have fun eating the grass, catching the bugs and enjoying each other's company!I think chickens in general as a group have such a terrible life to live. Crammed into teeny cages unable to move hardly , standing on wire all day long and never see the soft grass or get to scratch in the dirt and take a dust bath -or stretch out and lay in the sun. Then everything almost will eat a chicken and they are generally not killed kindly-so I will just be selfish and enjoy my little corner of the world. : )

I took time to play with Miss Mocha as she was chewing me out for her breakfast being so late! LOL

 I cleaned the pigeons cage and enjoyed watching them have their breakfast.

Each one may be white , but they are all special to me. : )

Of course after their breakfast they each had to take their morning bath!

As I walked to visit the doves I stumbled upon Miss Midnight taking her dirt bath. You can hardly tell she is a a kitty -much less a15 year old kitty .

I really love the yellow lovebirds - they are real clowns and enjoy talking to each other and saying what a Pain I am bothering them! LOL

The guinea pigs were enjoying their fresh grass and playing in the shade or sun -which ever they preferred. Well , blogger is giving me trouble so I better call it quits for now. But I have truly had a wonderful day and I count my blessings.I hope you have had a wonderful day too!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

When I was a little girl?

That's been a long time ago -although it only seems like a few weeks ago- but do you remember any saying that stuck with you the rest of your life??

Well, for me it is: A Thing of Beauty is  A Joy Forever  And that is what I think of when I look at my flowers. I even read the other night that they have proved that drinking in things of nature that we love helps us with stress actually lowering your blood pressure . Very cool ! So, I am grateful for this therapy!

I am hoping to get back to my sewing tomorrow. Time just goes too fast for me. No wonder I try to work on Christmas all year long ?????  A year goes so fast that it seems like a month to me. The only way I can differential  the difference is that  I  pay our bills once a month  and so there are 12 of those events before Christmas.

Today was the first day in our life that we had a field of hay and our neighbor came to cut it. This had never happened before because of my horses. It was nice to walk through the field and enjoy it. I have always enjoyed the smell of fresh mown hay. They are talking about baling it tomorrow evening after DH rakes it. He is SO excited that he can hardly wait.So I should hop off of here and do the evening stuff. I just had to say Hi to everyone  and a wish that you have had a beautiful day.
Hugs, Linda

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


If you wonder why the day starts with a turkey - it is because it shows that we can all get upset somewhere along the day. Miss Danny was politely enjoying an afternoon sunbath until I tried to sneak out and catch a picture of her all spread out like she was dead. But, as I tied to sneak up - all of the pups tried to catch up with me and see what was going on-needless to say Danny jerked her head upright to see what all the commotion was about?

That was a little the way I felt today and I know it will not get any better until I share it with my blog -family.I got up early to do all the chores before I went to my appointment to be recertified for the clinic. That part went well - except for the part that since I did not get all the sleep that my fibromyalgia requires to operate. I kept falling asleep in the car and even in the chairs in the waiting room. But, I made it through - even though I wondered if the people throught I was drunk????

Back home and my stomach started to hurt. I was worried about a hospital bill that I  had just received that I was under the belief that since the clinic had referred me -they would take care of it????? So, I called the people that I was in debt with and talked to them. I told her that I had just talked to a representative from the clinic and she had told me to call them and explain that I was a  patient of them and they might fix it???? It sounded not so hard -except for the part about  I Hate talking on phones -long dull story - but it happened and I try to live with it.

OK, I got my courage up and called the clinic and told them I had called and talked to the people and they said all I had to do was give them the fax number and they could just say I was their patient and everything would be fine????? Well, it turned out NOT  to be Fine -this lady went off on me  about she was NOT going to do that -NO! I told her I did not understand - and she took off again-none of it making any sense to me??? I was just there - I had been a patient for a year and this would be  my second year-was that a lie or something??????  I was so upset at her for hollering at me like I was a thief or something that I hung up on her . I have Never done anything like that before in my life.

So, for the rest of my day -it was ruined for me. My stomach is a mess - you know how it gets when you are upset???? Diarrhea -cramps that double me over- belching beyond belief and I could not sew. My heart would not co-operate at all and what little sense I have just went out the window. It upset me so bad that I felt like I had been lied to . SO , now I have another bill that I cannot pay that I would not have had the test IF I had known I would have to pay -how crazy is that .

So, I can appreciate how Miss Danny the turkey felt being disturbed from her lovely sunbath! Tomorrow is my counseling day and maybe she can help me sort it all out and come back to earth where I can see once again. I even have my project picked out -for a change. I was proud that it did not take me a month to change my gears for a change-from one project to another.

Please forgive me for sharing with you - but that was the only way that I knew to handle it. Just sharing with a friend helps .So, thank you for your "ear"! May you be blessed with sunhine for your kindness and may new projects spring from your creative place!
love to all!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Final part of Ugly Fabric Seat Covers

Well, You can see what greeted me in the sewing room this morning. LOL  I think she is anxious for me to finish with it. She just does not realize that her "throne" will disappear back to where it came from. LOL Although I could hardly believe my ears when DH said , maybe he could find her a seat back in one of our junk cars????

My first task is to make a casing to run a "pull through" on the bottom part , so we can just yank and tie it tight.

Time to add it to the ugly fabric seat - but I have a confession to make. As I stood here studying it - I decided that it just did not look even -so I folded the fabric to make sure it matched . IT DID NOT! I had sewn the black strips on the wrong sides.I had to rip them out and resew them the place they were meant to be at.

But after all of my fumbles - I think they will look nice in DH's truck. O SHOOT! I might as well confess my other Almost Boo-boo! When I made those "Pull cords" I used the black fabric I had cut into strips to make that piping with. I almost fainted when I realized my black strips were GONE- but when DH checked it out - he "thanked me " for not putting that piping around the bottom seat part!!!!!!!!!!!! Talk about a "guardian angel" always "saving my hide!"  I am truly blessed. LOL

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ugly Fabric Challange # 6

Making progress - this is the top of the car seat covers -just studying it for fit ?  I am torn between there are a couple of places that I missed up on the piping and went about an 1/8 of an inch too wide - Or - I look at this picture and think -did I really do that????? LOL Yea, I know it is not perfect-but I like it and DH likes it a lot - so that means A LOT to me. Plus, I am still learning! LOL

This is the black strips I had cut for piping , but I decide to use them as a pull cord to fasten the bottom and secure the bottom to the seat.

This will be the bottom sides of the seat and I have run the pull cord through the casing before I will sew it to the "butt" part. Moving right along-but we got a phone call from our neighbor and he has a cabbage head to give us if we come get it.

We did go get it and DH carried it to the car and then into the house. I pulled it out to cook it into the pressure cooker. HA! It was not a cabbage head - but a "space ship"! It was so large that only 1/4 th of it would fit in the pressure cooker!

While it was cooking I ran out side and locked all he chickens up and gathered the eggs . Back in the house and I fixed a sliced tomato that was on my plant on the front porch . I pulled the cabbage out of the pressure cooker and drained it - then used the broth to cook dumplings in.It was really good  and we got our bellies full.

Love to all!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ugly Fabric Challenge #5

Guess who was the "twit" that did not keep an eye on that bobbin thread?????? Yep - that would be ME-so I had to go back and re -pin the hole right side of my top on the seat cover?

OK, bobbin thread refilled and ready to romp. Next I re-pin the entire one side that the bobbin ran out on. That was when I remembered that when I did the first one a day before that Pins were a gals best friend.

After I got everything pinned and baste stitched I approved of how everything went together so I decided to serge all around it to make it have a cleaner appearance . That Might have been a  mistake because the serger got very upset with me because of the "bulk" of fabric. For some reason After the fabric went through the knife it raised itself up and the finger was poking holes through it and then creating big knots of thread-definitely NOT my best appearance! Phooey!

So, I went "gently" back over it and smoothed it out to look more presentable-not that anybody will ever see it after it is on the seat.

My next move was to now pin the back section to the sides and for that I used LOTS of pins. But then I had to depart to finish up evening chores while it was still light enough to see.

After I got in I decided to take a break and have a nice cold chocolate soy-milk. This carton I am drinking is called Silk and it is the best I have ever tasted. YUMMY! While I sat down to enjoy it , I made the mistake of flipping the tv on and they advertised that NCIS was having a brand spanking new story and "OF COURSE" I was hooked. That is one program that I really love-probably because they all work as a family and the characters eventually make me feel like they are my family and IF only I could accomplish "worldly good" like they do. Anyway - it lets my adventurous side go wild for that hour.

I thought an hour because they continued the story on to the second part -yea, yea  - you know how it is  and since DH went fishing with a friend I actually got to hear all the parts of the story. Chuckle, chuckle! : )

I did try to download my second picture but after 30 minutes and it still had not showed itself  I decided to call it quits.

So, I have had a very lovely day that I enjoyed very much and I am hoping to continue it tomorrow as I would love to finish another top part of the seat covers!Maybe I will have wonderful dreams tonight that will inspire me with creativity  to be able to pull it off .

Love to All!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Ugly Fabric # 4

Hey I am again - wondering how my day got away too quickly. I guess you blame it on dirty dishes and chores and trip to town and the feed store. That took up all of my morning and it was 6pm before we returned home. But then I saw an avenue to steal two hours for my project. It has been very interesting. Even though I continue to make boo-boos and learn lessons I think I am doing fairly good with this project.

Well, one mistake I learned was : I did not have enough black knit to do the whole project so that put me diving back into my stash to see what else I could use and that was when I ran across this black slick  lightweight vinyl that I had used on totes one time. One thing that I REALLY like about this is that it really lets the cover slip EASILY onto the seat top!

This is the knit that I used on the sides of the cover and I like it because it gives stretch if you need it , not so much that it is out of control - but Just the right amount.

This is the front view and that suits me just fine. So this part of the project made me very happy. Hopefully tomorrow I can either do the other top - or work on the two bottoms. Maybe I should shoot for the top , since it will still be Somewhat fresh in my ming - (or so I Hope)!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ugly Fabric #3

I Wish I was More Talented -OR - I wish I was not so Dense! This is the laid out pattern piece for the butt and as you can see my fabric on the bottom ready to be cut is not quiet wide enough , even with the black strips sewn on each side.!! Why O Why did my brain NOT realize that when I was cutting the strips ????

And the tall front that your back rests against is even larger????? OK, don't panic Linda - this is just another chance to modify it and make it your own creation. When you think about it -there are Lots of ways to complete this project as long as my "stir-crazy " self does not interfere.Just a "learning" experience.

So, I sit and consider some alternatives. I re-lay the fabric back out and decide that the black knit is a little too scrunched up and if I get it to lay flat it will Almost fit. Then I pull out my paper pattern and realize that I did add on each pattern piece - Just in case I did something "wacky" - since I know myself so good! LOL

 I happened to remember that I promised a friend that I would send her a picture of my Bright Lights Chard, so I took off to the front porch to snap a picture of it. I still think it is so pretty that you could easily put it in your flower bed.I wanted to try it for a few years now and when I accidentally ran across this one day - I latched onto it like it was pure gold. Now I am having so much fun with it.

Having it on the porch makes it very easy for me to slip out and snip off all the leaves big enough to test. Since I have never had any before -every time I want to fix some I jump on the Internet and try a different recipe.

 Now that I have finished all of the pieces of the puzzle this is all of the black fabric that I have left. So, I get a wild idea ??

I cut inch strips of all the left over scraps and sew it end to end -hoping to make some piping , but now that I have it all sewed together I cannot find that pack of cord that I had left over from the lounge pants project? GRRRR! I know I still have it somewhere because I cheated when I went to get some kind of cord and we stopped at a Dollar Store and I spied  a pack of cord to use as clothes line. LOL But now it is hiding from me. I checked to see if yarn would work -but no it just squashes flat. I need that cord because it is the right size.

Well, I have looked through everything in the sewing room and still have not found it. I never did like hide and seek , so I am going to call it quits for the night. My beautiful day has flown away once again.

But, when I went up to lock the chickens up I locked all the dogs in the house! NO more skunk baths tonight

Good night to all!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ugly Fabric #2 Went Astray????

AWWWHHH! I Had the Best intentions! Has that happened to you OFTEN?????? After I had finished all the chores and thought I had everything finished , I headed to the sewing room. As I looked at the serger I realized that I would have to change the color of my thread. Most of the time that is NOT one of my favorite jobs-because "in the world of Linda" - anything can go wrong and generally does??????

I started looking for my black serger thread and all of a sudden it hit me that I should re-arrange the threads . They were just scattered all over my wall -so I did some climbing and moving around the metal holders and tried to arrange all of each color in a vertical row where I could reach them.and the ones that I knew I would not be using for a long time I slipped those small baggies over them to help keep dust off. (Really - dust accumulates in our house like you could grow veggies on top of  my threads that are not covered. )

I was feeling lucky now that I was 'getting my act together"! I cut the needle thread because it just works better for me to thread that last. Then I cut the other two threads and folded them over the top of the machine as I removed the white and reseated the black. I carefully tied the knots of the old thread still on the machine and the new black waiting to do business. For some reason I gently moved the handwheel to "feel" for that spot where the threads will flow easily through and all of a sudden I felt it - I mean I REALLY FELT it this time. It was like catching a fish - I felt it strike and I knew I had this one chance so I pulled as fast as I can (DH would say I was "Horsing It") I really was ! LOL So all of a sudden it was over and accomplished and I was still wanting to jump for joy.  YEA!!!!!!!!!! Now you know it is a good sign wihen your machinery decides to work with you!

I took those strips I had cut yesterday and laid right sides facing each other and sewed them together. In my eyes this will give me the piece of fabric big enough to cut out my pieces and it will also kinda "accent" the busy fabric.

I actually got one panel cut and sewed -UNTIL- yep - you are familiar with that word-aren't you!DH showed up needing help. I knew time was getting short because it was my day for counseling and sure as shooting -that help lasted right up till the moment we were suppose to leave. But we scurried about and made it out the door and I arrived right on time.

We arrived home and I changed clothes to do chores. My INTENTIONS were to do the chores, take my walk and then drag SOMETHING down to the garden to see if I could block the one deer that has discovered it???

WELLLLLLL - I did complete the chores and I did complete my walk -BUT- at the end of my walk I saw several of my furbabies ( HUMP! Little trouble-makers tonight)  tearing across the meadow chasing something and barking at the top of their little lungs! I thought it was our cat playing with them first because I saw a lot of white as it went under the fence and then I saw Bandit snapping at its rear end and all of a sudden I KNEW I WAS DOOMED!    Yep - The beautiful skunk was back and had just come from the hen house and Yep - this time its aim was soooo much better!!!!! I have definitely been blessed in my life-time with animals because I have NEVER had this lovely - BREATH-Taking experience!!!!!!!!!!! The next thing I knew Bandit was rolling on the grass trying to remove that horrendously order that had engulfed him. IF I had not realized how serious this was going to be ???? But shoot I did have a few chuckles before it hit me that I should get to the house FIRST and close the doggie door till I could get my head together.

That part was accomplished and for the next hour I spent outdoors with the water hose spraying the offenders down because the information said to remove the oil with cold water and neither they nor I thought that was much fun at all. The little one I managed to do good, but Snowball -the pekingese was not so lucky.If only he would have listened to me as I begged him to come back?????

At the moment I am sitting at the computer with my wet pants still on and he is sitting outdoors on the porch in misery as I try to figure out if my fingers REALLY smell like a skunk from all that scrubbing -OR - is my nose just so full of it that I cannot tell the difference?????

So, I am hoping that you have NOT had this kind of a day !
Love - Me! LOL

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Sharp Turn in the Road of Sewing

O yes, I had very Good Intentions this morning. I even woke up earlier and got a fresh start. Of course I got a little off course because I went out to do chores at 7am and DH came looking for me at 1 am??? I got a little carried away because I walked to the garden to check it out and about had a "heart-attack" because the weeds had invaded my sanctuary ! I pulled and plucked and hoed and anything else I could think to do and I made good results! Out BAD WEED- OUT!

I staggered back to the house and we each had a bowel of cereal. I was too pooped to tackle anything else and  I was grateful to have th e cereal.  As I sat eating I started to cool down and that felt  good and I regained some of my strength.

I did all the dishes and ran the vacuum and headed to the sewing room. I pulled out a piece of black heavy knit that I intend to incorporate into the seat covers. I started by cutting 2 inch strips that I intend to sew to the  upholstery fabric to make it large enough to cut out the from and butt pieces . I was concentrating hard -trying to keep my cutting nice and straight. DH had gone out the road to  bush-hog a neighbor's pasture and I was enjoying the quiet -and then I heard the tractor?  It was really getting hot and I was glad he was home - out of the sun's heat. When he came to the sewing room I asked him if he had ever found that piece of plexie - glass that he had been looking for so he could put the little air conditioner that our neighbor had given me to help cool the sewing room. He went and got it -but this piece was too little  . Then he came back with a window that someone had replaced a broken glass with plexie - glass.

We had every problem I think a couple could have getting that air conditioner in the window. We heaved and hoed and pushed and wiggled and we both ended up on top of my sewing table (so you know that table is strong! ) I lost my strength and I got my leg up in the window to help hold and balance the silly thing -we dropped the screw with the washers on it -just at he was ready to screw it in-we broke two screw heads Off . We got it in and was joyous only to discover we had to take it back out again because I had got a wire in the wrong place, ECT. Anything you could do wrong - I did it. By the time it was in -we were both exhausted. Of course almost at the end DH had to have one of this famous "DOUG -FITS"! But finally it was in and I had a window under it so I could see out! I was joyous because last year he had a piece of ceiling tile on the bottom and it made it so dark and dreary! So now I can look out and watch the humingbirds come to the feeder! Yea!

My back decided that it had Enough! I wanted to cry and I could not get out of my chair -so I gave up and went and got a pain pill! I went and got a cold drink to take it with and have a 15 minute break to let my back ease up - and then it was back to work. I could hardly even get into the sewing room where we had to move just about everything in there to get to stuff and climb up and down -so no sewing -just a lot of cleaning and moving.

But as you can see- I finally got somewhat organized.And you can see I have my "treasures" that were my Christmas presents right where I can see them and enjoy them and think of the Wonderful  gals who have made my life so special.The little bird hanging in the window with her pretty bright red breast is from Sue at Charlotte's Cottage - the little angel to her right hanging on the wall with her red dress is from Maria at Life on the Block - the yellow and pink mug rug is from Mickie at Irish Muses and back to the left is the beautiful BLUE purse that Chris from Diet Coke Rocks  made me. Even the little red card under the window was from Maria and I was so enchanted by a Fabric enhanced card that I keep it for inspiration. I dearly love my treasures and the people who made them. They so generously gave of their time and supples and of themselves that I have to be able to enjoy them and help to guide me on like a lighthouse to a ship in the dark. Thank you all So very much! : )

I was so enthused that I moved to my left and cleaned my sewing machine and serger area. I think I made a lot of progress.

Just as I was feeling good about the nice clean area I moved my chair back in place and happened to spot dear sweet little Miss Little Bear enjoying her new pillow in the center  all of the confusion.My furbabies always seem to remind me to be appreciative of the small things.

Love to all

Monday, June 20, 2011

Ugly Fabric Challenge???

 I actually had a day with nobody underfoot  , so I took advantage of it to pull out my piece of "Ugly Fabric" that is in our Sewing Guild Challenge. I decided that I better hop to it or I would be caught in a "Pinch" - and I would sure have been right! I have spent all afternoon studying , walking , thinking , wondering, drawing and redrawing , attempting to put a picture in my brain of how I was going to take this fabric and "birth" it into car seat covers???????

 I asked DH to bring the seat in for me and he got it to the door and asked me to help round the corner to my sewing room. That Booger was soooo heavy! No wonder he was huffing and a puffing! We Heaved with all of our might to get it up on the cutting table.Then today when I went in to study this dilemma Miss Rosie had Claimed this seat for her own.
 So you can see she is madly in love with this seat and do not want to share at all!
 So, while she was Enjoying herself  I walked back and forth and around and around attempting to decide what to do first??? The seat cover that is on it is one that I had made several years ago. It is so badly stretched out of shape and from that I learned a lesson. I had used pretty (to me) upholstery fabric for the front and then had taken two wore out knit twin size bed sheets and used them to hold the pretty in place. But after many years of use they are falling victims to Life. All of that in and out , in and out- is getting the best of them now. LOL
 I had turned the seat so I could study the sides and all of a sudden Miss Rosie was like a streak of lightening as she Rounded the side with her claws showing that she was defending her property!  LOL

 Maybe everybody needs a "Guard Cat" to be on patrol??? She is certainly not going to let just Anybody walk off with this seat - so I guess DH's seat is well protected. I am beginning to think that once I get down to business that I Might have to lock her in the bathroom?????  Those claws are ferocious not only to me - but I don't want her to Pick the new fabric before it even gets in the truck???? LOL
 How about this - I am making progress. I lay the fabric first this way and then that way - hoping to discover which way will be the best to handle this and also make another one for the driver's seat? I want to have a matching pair.

 Finally I figured out that I will just have enough of this fabric to do the fronts of the seats-so now I need to decided what I will use for the edges and backs?
 As soon as I turned my back to get some old newspapers that I intend to use to draw out my patterns and turn back around - SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!  Miss Rosie to the Inspection seat!!!!!!  LOL
Well  Shoot! I will just be careful and start where hopefully she is not interested in ??? My hopes are that I have made this pattern to fit the seat . My next step will be to fit the pieces of the puzzle together with the ugly fabric with the next piece of fabric to make the puzzle pieces fit together and look decent??

This was the side piece of the bottom I am finishing up and as you can see, Miss Rosie is "right on top of things"! LOL

Saturday, June 18, 2011


It was Such a lovely morning . I had gone to bed early and thus ,got to get up early and just enjoy the moment as I did the morning chores -all before DH got out of bed.We had our breakfast and I  cleaned it all up and headed to the sewing room.

How wonderful is that! I took the pants that I had ripped apart and laid a pillowcase on top as a guide line to cut out the doggie pillow.

 I serged the three edges and then poured in the cedar shavings-then zig-zaged the bottom together as I completed 2 loads of laundry.

As I was sliding a "doggie pillowcase" on I noticed the weather bug was flashing a warning so I took off out to grab the clothes off of the clothes line.

I just made it back in the house when I saw it coming. All of that gray looking stuff is rain coming around the bend .

It was very fierce a few times . I had a rod suspended with an old comforter throwed over it to  keep the sun off of the porch and off of my sewing room window. But the wind was so strong that it  snapped the  tie that I had holding  it up and the whole thing took off like a kite with me as the "tail"!  LOL I managed to wrestle it back on the swing and not kill all of my plants in the process.

After my "wrestling " match I  headed back in the sewing room to decide on my next project and was downloading some pictures when all of a sudden the electricity went "by-by"!  Now I was really miffed.  So, I went to put away all of the laundry and make the bed back up. Went out and locked the chickens up and pulled greens for the guinea pigs and headed to the house. I thought how nice this will be just to go to bed early . I went and hunted the candles and flash light so I would know where they were  and just as I pulled out the very first match - Surprise -- the electricity is back on! Well Pooooo!  DW bounds up from bed and leaps for joy as he flips the tv wide open! So much for early sleep.  O well, at least I get to finish my blog post that I had only just started. The best laid plans?????????