Thursday, November 17, 2011

Treasure Hunt

Today was an interesting day. One of my dear friends and I took off to visit The Schoolhouse -my favorite fabric store . Three stories of fabric to your heats contentment! Of course I got lost in the "knit-room" and my enthusiasm must have rubbed off on her because she ended up getting two pieces of Knit -planning on making herself and her youngest daughter shirts. It was so neat to see her enthused. Of course her choices were much different from mine and that is one of the things that is so neat about knits-they are just so varied. She likes knits with texture and I prefer single knits or jersey knits and occasionally double knits  . Of course I did drag in a piece of sweatshirt fleece for a pair of lounge pants for one of the grandsons who is like me and freezes to death all winter. ( I HATE Winter!)   IF ONLY ???????????????????????????  Hum? Caught me daydreaming - didn't you. LOL

As we were coming home our next stop was at The Goodwill where we browsed through all kinds of used clothing which was MUCH cheaper to buy nice ready made clothes than it is to buy fabric and Make clothes?That just hits me as so sad. I always look for super-extra big sizes with the plan to rip them apart just for the fabric - BUT - I have never found a piece to do that with unless it has a monster stain right where you could never disguise it. : (    She found some really nice toys for her grandchildren for Christmas.

As we were leaving the store a snow-blizzard hit us. It did not last but about 20 minutes -but it was pretty amazing!  We had such a nice ride home and it was such a treat to spend time with a friend. LOL It amazed me that I have actually got to see her TWO TIMES in the last month . LOL That hardly ever happens for us.

I would like to show you the knits, but they are in the wash machine getting their baths so I can start turning them into Christmas presents. O, LOL - I almost forgot to say that the two colors at the top are two pieces of vinyl that I got to work on some more of the car storage bags. Wish I could figure out some other kind of names for them-something snazzy -something catchy ???? Got any ideas????? : )

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  1. Car Seat Caddy.
    Seat Organiser.
    Back Seat Caddy.
    Seat Hold-it-all.

    There ya go!