Saturday, November 19, 2011

Great Grand Baby and Car Seat Caddy/Pomeranian

My morning started out with chores as DH and two of the grandsons went hunting. Our granddaughter was curled up in DH's bed with the baby-so I came into the sewing room trying to get ready to accomplish something and Miss Rosie had other plans . That sheet is draped over the project that I had in mind and she turned "psycho-cat. She was all over it -clawing and flipping and digging at the sheet .

After the cat-show the great-grand baby came to life and that was what went on the rest of the day. Whew! I don't know how his lovely Mama keeps up with him.But , he is a little doll.

I had forgotten how dangerous a house can be when there are toddlers around. Drawers to pull open and steps to fall down and rugs to trip you and doggies that had to be locked in my bedroom to protect both baby and dogs. : )

Isn't it hard to believe that we All started out learning and look how we have turned out- all because someone loved us along the way, or someone made for sure that we got what we needed to survive.

But , along the way I did get one car seat caddy accomplished. Although the writing is not showing up it says I love my Pomeranian and I divided the pocket at the top as it kinda wanted to gap open. 

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  1. Your great grandson is gorgeous!
    We have to lock our dogs away sometimes too so Emily doesn't get hurt ... or licked to death!
    The car caddy looks great too.