Friday, November 25, 2011

Peyton & Hannah car caddy

This car caddy will be for two of the great-granddaughters . Peyton is one and Hannah is only a couple of months. I hope to put a container of wipes and a trash bag and a couple of toys  for each. If I can pull it off - it might make a nice touch to put a baggie of Cherrios for the munchies for the oldest one. I am so pleased with this one. When up close the butterflies are so pretty and cheerful.

It was a lovely day. The guys spent the day hunting and after I had fixed them a pot of turkey soup and chores & laundry -then I spent the time in the sewing room and that is how I am getting my Christmas presents accomplished.

I really need this time desperately - as time is slipping away from me so quickly. I told DH that I wished all of Winter-time could be like today -pretty and sun shiny and warm. I loved it.  I have a load of fabric in the wash machine getting it ready to tackle. Maybe , If I can get to bed early -I can get up nice and early and see what I can accomplish. When it gets this close to Christmas I get the feeling I want to panic because I have not not nearly accomplished what I would love to. I will just have to see how it goes. Money has just been SO tight and fabric sales SO scarce!

Well, DH wants me to make him some biscuits and he is hoping if he puts them in the fridge uncooked that he can fix them in the morning!
BYE Fore now!  : )

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  1. Lovely car caddy for the girls Linda.
    Hope you have a great day sewing tomorrow. I think I will have a PJ day!!