Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Happy Thoughts Organizer completed

DH had a doctor appointment for today at 1:30 , so I finished my chores and we ate and when DH got latched onto a tv program I tiptoed to the sewing room to work on my second organizer. I had the front pockets sewn in place and now I had to put on the lining and the top hanger strap.

I do not know what happens to me with these projects -but when it comes to the liner and that hanger -my mind just panics and cannot see how to place them??? I even pulled out the first one I had completed and studied it for inspiration. What ever causes this really makes me angry- I know that does not help- but - well -you know how it is ,when something you want to accomplish seems to elude you. It just really stinks!

I know that it is a lesson that we are suppose to learn and when you cannot figure out how to place things to make them turn out right   -then we come to an intersection in all the different paths we can take. SO many paths - which is the one to choose?????

I decided my first attempt would be to sew the lining to the front with right sides facing each other. I knew that part was right -but I was concerned about how to fit the handle on the top and make it look neat. But, after this first step I was happy with my choice and when my "MoJo"  Had a little success - it started to flow better and I became more self-confident- YEA~

By then it was time for DH to go to the doctor and as we drove over the clouds got blacker and blacker and blacker. You know how doctors offices are - so boring- you wait and wait and then wait on more waiting. But there was a ray of hope-first they gave him a different shot for his bones because that one last month had made him so deathly sick

The young lady was so funny -she always tries to be so professional and Dh picks on her until he gets her laughing. One thing I can say for him is that he is not happy with sour faces and everybody is usually laughing as he leaves the building.

DH tried to nail the doc down about if these medicines can really prolong his lifespan - is it worth the side effects? First the doc said he could not tell him as it depended upon so many different things. Finally he said DEPENDING on how his body accepts the treatments -hopefully two years.Talk about a load being lifted - I think we both got lighter after we left. How wonderful that would be! His new medicine comes tomorrow and then he has to go back to the office Monday for what they call a -Teaching Date" - where they will give him directions on how to use this new stuff and what to watch for.Then he goes back one time each week for two weeks out of each month.

So, for the moment we are both so blessed. A couple can make a lot of memories in two years. As we headed home - the rain arrived and followed us home. We both went out in the rain and completed chores and came back in the house -where my heart longs to be.  Especially back to the sewing room -and Tomorrow one of my oldest friends and I are getting together to go to THE SCHOOL HOUSE Fabric Store - way out in the country -but it is my favorite of all the stores it know. I love the people who work there - I Love the school and all of its class rooms filled with fabrics and sharing time with a dear friend is always a good thing-even if we do have to "Solve World Problems"., which is what we have always seemed to do for the last 40 years of friendship. SO, I am hoping now to pull out my Christmas list and figure out what projects I hope to do for each person and then make for sure that I write down the amount of fabric that it takes to pull it off!. See how fast life runs off and leaves you chasing after it. But , I am glad to have the strength to chase it.

Love to all for another day.
Linda the sewing granny


  1. Oh Linda, I love your positive energy and hard working. Your sewing is looking great and it's wonderful that you are planning some good years with your DH. I'm sending you healing wishes for wellness and good fortune.

  2. 2 years! I would be bawling my eyes out if Stew only had 2 years.
    I marvel at your positive attitude I really do.