Monday, November 14, 2011

Morning Walk

I was SO grateful for my morning walk and it seems that was the ONE thing today that was what I could call a success. Snowball leads the way on this beautiful morning - the fence up the hill is our destination and I am working hard to appreciate this Perfect walk  and also to relieve stress to problems facing me.

I sat down at the top of the hill and did my exercises this morning and also to have myself a good cry. Get that out of the way is a good help. Then I turned around and down the hill we went. Breakfast was on the agenda when I arrived home. After that DH went to take our neighbor to town to pick up feed for his calves.

I heard them pull into the driveway so I went out to see if I could be any kind of help -to unload our feed. But there was none because DH did not tell Tony that we needed feed also ..... Then he took him home and we got together and went after our feed . It was not a "pleasant" drive because Both of us kept getting sleepy! I know how dangerous that is - so I prayed for our eyeballs to "Stay OPEN". It must have worked because we made it home safely- YeA!

After we got home we unloaded our feed and I mixed it all up and worked on getting everybody all fed and happy. Before I finished all of that dark had already fallen.. Now it is hard to keep my eyes open . This complication really worries me.  I did have a lovely day - but that has come to an end and I am bushed !

My only regret is that I have not got to sew. I stopped to study what my next step would be -but realizing that I am so exhausted -that will not make for good results on anything I would lay my hands to. Plus, my face must be healing because DH said that I now have Yellow bruises today and my face ITCHES like crazy - a sign it is healing. But, it is still VERY Painful!

Tomorrow DH is suppose to take dear neighbor back to town - so HOPEFULLY I can sneak in some sewing there. I just need to get some nice clean sewing accomplished. : )  I might just put that other vinyl project aside and work on getting our youngest son's fleece jacket cut out! Hum? I have forgotten to check and see what size zipper I will need. Details, details, details!!!!!!!! LOL
Love to all!

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  1. You poor thing. I hardly ever cry... it takes a lot to make me cry.
    I feel so sad for you... climbing that hill then crying. I wish I could wrap my arms around you and hug you all better.